A lot of careful planning and insight can get you fairly prepared for life as a software consultant, but you might still end up feeling pretty surprised by the realities of the work itself. In the spirit of things, here are 3 things you should know before jumping into the wide world of software consultancy:

  1. Some clients will just never be pleased

This is a simple human reality; you can’t make everyone happy. There are certain people who just weren’t made for optimism, and it shows almost immediately when talking to these clients. If you decided to take on work from one of these individuals, or you didn’t realize until it was too late, it will be best to get written estimates for the work you will complete. This will save you lots of hassle in the long run.

Software Consultant

  1. Some clients will try and stiff you

It is abundantly clear that some business “professionals” don’t actually value IT consultancy very highly. These are the clients that complain about the price of everything from hardware, to software, to even just your time and services rendered. The worst of these clients don’t want to pay anything at all, and yet that won’t stop them for asking for the services!

  1. Not all IT professionals will make good consultants

IT consultancy is a different breed of work altogether than what many IT pro’s are used to. For instance, many industry workers in this field like to focus on only one or a few tasks at a time, never really changing course until they finish. Unfortunately, these individuals usually don’t make good consultants, since the nature of the job requires you to juggle multiple different projects, clients, technologies and issues at once while dealing with ever-changing conditions.

IT software consultancy isn’t for everyone, but if you are well organised, dedicated and flexible, it might just be your dream job!