Many different industries need to use technology all over the world. Every sector has its equipment and technological advancements to enable them to do their work and to get it done faster, cheaper and more efficiently. In the mining industry, technology that can help to save time and money is invaluable. Tech is growing and developing all the time, and it’s no different for mining companies. There are plenty of developments in the mining industry that are already making enormous changes. And they could continue to do so in the future. Check out these improvements and innovations that are transforming mining into an industry of the future.


Better Mobile Internet

With an industry that often works in remote places, it’s essential to have access to a mobile Internet connection that works well. Better mobile web services help companies to improve their productivity and service delivery. A high standard of connectivity allows mining businesses to use time and money saving wireless technologies. And they can also gain better access to smaller, low-cost computing and storage devices. Companies could even reduce health care costs by remotely monitoring their workers health.

technological advancementsRene Schwietzke

Internet Connected Sensors

Networks of sensors connected to the internet are beginning to be useful in several industries. These include mining and manufacture. Businesses can use sensors to collect data and track processes and workers. With the information they receive, they can optimize their operations and make better decisions. They have a particular use in manufacturing and logistics, but they are also good for the environment. They can be used to watch the use of natural resources, such as water, to ensure that they are used efficiently. They also help with health and safety, enabling the remote monitoring of workers.

Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

Mining can be an extremely dangerous industry, especially when it comes to operating vehicles and heavy machinery. But the use of robotics and autonomous or semi-autonomous equipment can make it much safer. With vehicles that use robotics, mining machinery is much less dangerous. Workers can operate equipment remotely from a safe distance. There’s no need to get too close to a risky situation if you can send in a piece of robotics equipment to do the job instead.

Solar and Wind Power

One of the biggest worries about the mining industry is its impact on the environment. But if the sector can utilize renewable energies such as solar and wind power they can reduce their effect on the planet. For example, one entrepreneur in Canada has invented a solar and wind-powered construction light tower. This equipment is suitable for use in remote locations. It is better for the environment than using fossil fuel powered electricity. But it is also something that allows companies working off the grid to access power more efficiently.

There are surely many more innovations and advances to come for the mining industry in the future. They can continue to strive to save money and provide more efficient services. At the same time, they can limit their impact on the planet.