In the world of engineering, there are many more mechanical engineers chemical engineers. Several people in many different fields of engineering, such as aerospace engineering, may also have a degree in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers often focus on the invention and testing of tools and machinery, while chemical engineers study and invent products based on chemical interactions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS for its acronym in English), both professions have roughly the same number of employees with a master’s degree, this number is close to a quarter of the total.
mechanical engineer and a chemical engineer

In which specialize
Mechanical engineers research, design and help manufacture and test mechanical devices as tools and machines; for example, internal combustion engines, farm equipment, elevators and refrigeration. This is the broadest engineering discipline, according to the BLS. Chemical engineers are based on the principles of chemistry to design and produce industrial and commercial chemical compounds, (how chemicals and the effect they have on other substances interact) products pharmaceuticals, clothing, food and synthetic assets.

Where work
Chemical engineers usually work in industries in areas such as scientific research and development, basic chemical manufacturing, manufacturing of resins, synthetic rubber and synthetic fibers manufacturing medicines and products pharmaceutical. Mechanical engineers work mainly in architecture and other services in addition to scientific research and development. Also normally work in the federal executive branch, manufacturing products and aerospace parts manufacturing and control instruments in the fields of navigation, medicine and Electromedical.
What they earn
Chemical engineers generally earn more than mechanical engineers. In 2010, the average annual salary for chemical engineers was $ 90.3000. Mechanical engineers earned an average annual salary of U.S. $ 78,610. In 2009, the starting salary for a chemical engineer in was U.S. $ 64,902, while the starting salary for a mechanical engineer was $ US58.766, according to the BLS.

Job prospects
Although chemical engineers earn more, there are fewer and their number is expected to decline by two percent during the decade 2008-2018. The number of chemical engineers employed in 2008 was 31,700. In contrast, there were 238,700 chemical engineers in 2008 and is expected to number increased six percent.