Chinese phones have an ever bigger place. We see which are the best in the lower middle and low end. Sure find models that do not know! When you think of buying a cheap best mobile phone , you can target the low range of the best known brands … or you can see a little further and check that China has to offer . In recent years some brands have made ​​a name (Xiaomi, Jiayu, Oppo, etc.) and appear new to which you should pay attention . The reality is that they offer models with excellent value in all ranges.

In this case we speak of the low-end mobiles that do not exceed 150-200 euros but hold up well everyday. And with Facebook, Whatsapp, and modern versions of Android to install Apps. While you do not get too picky materials or camera, these Chinese phones may help you:

best mobile

1- Mini iOcean X8

The name may not sound but iOcean and takes time round and now has an official distributor in Spain. The X8 Mini is the most basic but wonder what it offers for € 130 – € 150. Kick some data: 5 inch HD (well, almost, 1080 x 720p), 16 !! GB of storage and 8 MP camera. Say that in specifications, defeats Moto E.

The design is very well maintained also has front and rear glass and metal frame. Premium looks and has to some air to iPhone. It is delagado (7.6 mm) and lightweight weighing 130 grams. The downside is that it does not have 4G, but hey, not everyone needs super fast when browsing speed.

Remember, you can get € 130 in stores like Coolicool , but to have the official warranty must be purchased from any of the shops recommended by the dealer, as (156 €)

2- Kingzone N3 Plus

Raising the bar a notch this Kingzone N3 Plus, a mobile 5 inch HD but with 4G, fingerprint reader and 2GB of RAM appears attractive. Those who have say it is very fluid, the screen looks great and that the Android 4.4 with next is almost pure (by the way it will be updated Lollipop).

As weak points is criticized a little volume is rather low, and some other software bug, but small details. In particular, a good deal for € 145, which is the price of around at different stores import.

3- Xiaomi Redmi 2:

Xiaomi is the Chinese company at the time. At the low end its strength is Redmi 2 A very good mobile with the classic: 4.7 inch IPS screen HD, a powerful Snapdragon 410 games moves freely and camera dutiful 8 Mega pixels. All in an attractive design, with those red capacitive buttons that I love.

What good is Xiaomi, is the support that mobile, and the great community behind it. This is a major plus on a low-end mobile, which tend to be forgotten spent little time (no upgrades or enhancements are released). This is not the case for Xiaomi where much updated mobile and community creates new OS versions.

Speaking of the system, using MIUI, customization of Android than the original. If you get used to is not so much change, although at first it feels.

4- Huawei Honor 3C

Huawei also has its economical mobile battle, Honor 3C. Let’s see, it looks like other Chinese phones this price range (€ 140 – € 150), although this has 2GB of RAM and 8 MP camera is signed by Sony. In general it is somewhat less powerful than a LG G2, but is good for its price. To highlight the screen looks great (5 Inch HD), sound (powerful built-in speaker) and good performance. A shame to stay in Android 4.2, an already old version, but there are ways of putting on Lollipop, unofficial.