It’s no secret or surprise that kitting out an office with everything it needs is an expensive venture, especially as there are corners you can’t cut and necessary items you can’t cope without.

Electrical appliances take up a big bulk of what you’ll need. We’ve put together a list of 5 tips to help you choose them as painfully, efficiently, and of course, as cheaply as possible.

  1. Know where to save money, and when it best to splash out

We all like to save money, and we look out for opportunities to do so, yet it’s important to consider when big purchases should be considered more as an investment. After all, things like decent office printers can be really pricey, but if you opt for a cheaper one, you may find yourself forking out a lot more over time in terms of maintenance and ink each time it breaks or runs out. For printers in particular, check out companies like Fuji Xerox Australia that promise high quality and a good guarantee, which is well worth your money.


  1. Look for energy efficient options to help the planet

When looking into purchasing electrical appliances, you may well have heard the buzz regarding energy efficiency, and how important it is when it comes to saving the planet and some cash. They may be a little more expensive to buy at the beginning, but as they use less energy, they’ll end up costing you less to run; saving you money on those electricity bills. Check out this website for more information.

  1. Second hand items can save you a lot of cash

Especially at the beginning when you’re first starting up, why not think about purchasing some second hand items to help save you some cash? As soon as your business grows, you can replace these with brand spanking new ones, anyway, and sell your old ones on to get some cash back! You can get some bargains online and both in stores as well; be sure to check out charity services and shops to help someone else in need as well as yourself, too!

  1. Think about your space, especially as you grow

Space saving options, such as slim line appliances, integrated appliances and combination appliances, are great as they help save some valuable space which is ideal if you don’t have loads of space at hand. You’ll no doubt need all the space you can get as you grow and start needing things like multiple fridges and extra sinks and things, too!

  1. Get them installed and set up by professionals

This one seems a little obvious, but we thought we’d put it in there anyway. Hiring experts to set up and install your appliances is so important so that nothing goes wrong, and so that if it does…someone else is to blame! Certified professionals will be covered for any incidents, and will be obligated to fix them should anything go wrong.