You can find a variety of educational scholarships for engineering and robotics through sources such as science and engineering, private individuals or companies Professional associations and colleges and universities. Typically, provide higher education scholarships and partial scholarships are available for a variety of students ranging from women to minorities.
Private Scholarships


Scholarships engineering associations

You can find partial scholarships for school in several professional associations dedicated to engineering. Associations in specialties like automotive engineering, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering provide all funds and national associations such as the Society of Women Engineers (Association of Women Engineers) and the National Society of Professional Engineers (National Association of Professional Engineers). A typical grant in 2011 from the National Society of Professional Engineers, for example, ranged from $ 2,000 to $ 2,500 for tuition, while engineers interested in studying dam safety can earn up to $ 10,000 for education through the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (Association of Security Managers in dams).


Private Scholarships

As an engineering student, you can also get money for education through scholarships private . Power Engineering Magazine (Journal of Energy Engineering) together with the Junior Engineering Technical Society (Sociedad engineering technical training), for example, offers the Next Generation Scholarship (Beca next generation), which, in 2011, awarded grants of U.S. $ 5,000 for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in engineering. Scholarships private through civic organizations, businesses and corporations are also commonly available in regional, state or national level. Scholarships typically focus engineering students from minorities, women and low-income people.
College Scholarships
If you are looking for scholarship funds to pursue a career in engineering colleges and universities also offer partial scholarships. For example, the University of Washington (UW), 2009-2010, offered more than $ 2 million in scholarship money for engineering students. The Mary Gates Endowment (Mary Gates Foundation) offers 17 academic backgrounds an opportunity to gain leadership. Similar foundations are located in schools across the country with a variety of packages and funding levels.

Scholarships in robotics

According to, there were hundreds of scholarships in 2011 for students interested in robotics, with funding ranging from as little as U.S. $ 250 to U.S. $ 7,500. Most robotics scholarships are offered by individuals, companies or institutions, while others are offered by colleges and universities themselves. Robotics Scholarships typically cover a portion of college tuition and are designed for students interested in learning new technologies and apply themselves in the field of robotics or engineering studies.