In Silicon Valley with regard to projects that aim to harness the urban verticality scope to solve the problem of traffic. At Kitty Hawk Flyer funded by Larry Page says Uber at dell’ Elevate Summit was staged in the city of Dallas. Where were unveiled news related to the project announced last October and is aimed at creating a VTOL aircraft (Vertical Take -off and Landing) or vertical take-off.

Even Uber wants to fly

The ride-sharing giant said it would operation its fleet relatively quickly, already by 2020. In fact, to date it has not been shown any working prototype. The company’s aim, however, to accelerate the process of development. Testing through a series of partnerships signed with government entities and authorities, such as those with Dallas and Dubai. It will be an initiative addressed especially to commuters who daily find they having to deal with queues and traffic jams. This is the scenario envisaged by Jeff Holden, chief product officer of Uber.

Imagine that you can get up in the morning and get to the workplace with a flight of six minutes instead of wasting an hour by car. Uber seems to have intentions quite serious about. So much so that in February announced the hiring of Mark Moore a former engineer at NASA’s Langley Research Center now Director of Engineering Project Elevate.

At the event was staged in Texas, the group announced partnerships with organizations such as Bell Helicopter, Aurora, and Mooney who are already dealing with aircraft. The steering wheel cab will be moved from 100% electric motors. To be completely eco-friendly, you can go up to 160 Km equipped with a single charge of the batteries and reach a maximum speed of 240 Km / h.