It is almost all brokers are market makers and find one that is not is satisfactory.  I think it is important for the trader who starts a relationship with a new forex broker. To know the forex broker review of the broker this is part of the trust we place in the broker. That is why all analyzes start by saying which country are the broker and its year of creation. That it can be less safe. The election of, as a place to set up an intermediation company, responds to economic criteria. We are all here to get our capital to squeeze as much as possible.

Forex broker review

All brokers want to be different, some bet to reward traders, others bet to adjust their spreads, others want their operation to be exemplary, etc. Among those bets, broker not to offer welcome bonuses. Not being market-market that money would come directly from their coffers. The forex broker as such is subject to the regulation. It requires compliance with a series of rules regarding the custody of investments.

According to the CNMV, the MiFID regulation says regarding the funds of the clients. The values of the clients must identify in individual accounts in their name. The entity may not use the client’s securities on its own account. That is unless obtains authorization and informs it of the inherent risks.  Obviously, we are talking about values, actions. The regulation is just as accurate for customers’ cash.

What happens to the funds in case of insolvency of the financial intermediary?

In case of insolvency of the company that provides investment services, to which the effect or financial instruments have entrusted. The client can request the compensation of the system of compensation of the investors to which is attached.  By law, all European companies that provide investment services must adhere to some system of compensation.  In the case of dukascopy, it adheres to the system of compensation of Cyprus (ICF). These controls are external and focused on ensuring that the trader is sure that in a hypothetical case there are problems, their funds are safe.

The broker also has an internal device, which is the protection against the Negative Balance to avoid that the clients are never below the level of their initial deposit. The advantage of operating with a broker without an operating table is that spreads are often very competitive.  Broker sends the orders to the market that are collected by your liquidity provider, or prime broker. The prices created by the multiple liquidity providers.

As for the fx broker review, it is obtaining the best prices at all times to running very quickly.  Spreads are fixed or floating and vary depending on the liquidity and volatility of the market. As for all night operations, there is a cost or a refund for maintaining open positions. We must count on it for our operations. Not all pairs are available for the Trader there is no doubt that this platform can be very interesting for a trader who operates frequently and with lots of lots.