How to clean the internal marine engines. Maintaining an internal motor of a boat is very similar to maintain optimum engine car. Part of the maintenance process is the cleaning of the engine compartment to remove grease and dirt buildup. Keep the engine clean reduces heat and extends the life of the seals, hoses and parts that are susceptible to corrosion. Like an automobile engine, the cleaning of the internal motor of a boat takes time and hard work.

internal marine engines




Tows the boat out of the water up onto a place where the process of chemical residues cleaning will not pollute waterways.



Place a large bowl or bucket below the water outlets from the engine compartment to collect the water and chemicals used in the process of cleaning . Open or remove the internal engine cover to make room to work. Bring all supplies on board and place them at your hand while you’re working on the magazine.




Cover the fuse box, distributor cap, ignition and other electronic components. Utilizes waste bags secured with a rubber band to minimize water and chemical exposure.



Spread the degreaser and allowed to act according to package directions. Use a screwdriver to remove waste and hardened dirt deposits, while waiting to take effect degreaser.



Spend the water hose on the engine compartment to remove the top layer of waste. Use a metal brush for areas where there is metal and a soft toothbrush for seals and hoses. Remove the pieces and spots that have fallen to the bottom of the compartment with a shop vacuum.



Place another layer of degreaser on the engine and wait for it to penetrate inside. Use the brushes on the motor to remove the remaining oil and dirt floor and sucks again.



Use a nail polish to polish the engine and protect it. The polished engine also creates a thin layer to the next cleaning easier.