Sports cars, especially the most sophisticated and expensive known as super cars, serving manufacturers to study the application of advanced technologies; studies often start in the competition. Then you are going to include it in lesser cars and end extends across the range. Brands, starting with the premium, aware that an important part of your image today is to create cleaner cars, have directed their inquiries to get cars in general and super cars in cleaner particular. Ultimately, the goal is to use less fuel without losing power, even to win. Let’s talk about jobs in alternative energy!

alternative energy

Hybrid Cars

The hybrids, which combine in different ways a combustion engine and an electric motor, are already common in this segment. Until Ferrari, with its LaFerrari, which were produced only 499 units, has succumbed to the hybrid technology. The massive 963 hp sum between the two motors are nearly 1,000 euros per horse, because they were sold for 1 million euros each, and that has been waiting list. Porsche also with the Panamera S E-Hybrid, or the new BMW i8, among others, are examples of the issue is growing.

Electric cars

What seemed so close, with some exceptions, was the emergence of a new generation of these power driven only by car. Because regardless of whether manufacturing feasible, that is, no doubt that these cars lovers associate inter alia spectacular sound engine, which emits the combustion engine. Therefore, it is a challenge to get used to not hear anything, but instead, with an electric vehicle is achieved instant torque motor and thus force takes advantage from the first moment when we press the accelerator. The sensations are different and move only to driving, and incidentally pollution is zero.

The autonomy is still the weakness of electrical, and of these, because they generally do not reach beyond 250 km. While there is an exception, the Tesla Model S, which can operate without refueling almost 500 km. The Californian brand, which only manufactures electric, has created this sport, which allows long runs and refuel in record time. It can be purchased for between 72,000 and 100,000 euros.

Mercedes Benz meanwhile started from the base of his legendary “Gullwing” to create the SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive. It is not an either electric, because it has four engines and develops an output of no less than 750 hp. It is on sale from 2013 to privileged few, but like the rest of these vehicles is not short orders, and that it costs € 430,000.

As for Audi triumphs at the circuits and breaks records with its R8 e-tron, but so far is not intended sale to the general public. Are you curious to see how it moves and, especially, how the Audi R8 e-tron sounds? In the car sales service RACC you can find an excellent financing and all types of cars, also hybrids. And if you want a safe at the height of cool car you just bought you, enjoy the 30% discount we offer until May 15th.