A marine engine is an engine in a boat or marine vessel. There have been many advances in technology engines marine in recent years, mainly in the field of fuel efficiency and engine.fuel efficiency and engine.

The technology of engines marine issues has advanced fuel economy and engine efficiency, mainly due to the inclusion of a greater number of British thermal units (BTU, for its acronym in English) released during combustion. This increases the fuel economy and acceleration.

Marine engine technology

The specific technology engines marine systems including electronic management of the engine (EEMS for its acronym in English), electronic fuel injection (EFI for its acronym in English) and direct fuel injection (DFI for its acronym in English). EEMS makes adjustments to optimize performance ignition. EFI focuses on facilitating the start climates hot or cold, and to provide a smooth idle. DFI has improved acceleration features with minimal impact on fuel economy.
Researchers engines marine continually working to improve the technology of these engines in areas such as the addition of sophisticated applications of microcomputers and the replacement of conventional spark plugs with laser beam . As with any research, researchers need to evaluate the cost of creating plants manufacture to produce new innovations in relation to its profitability long-term .