Robots are used in many ways, including in commercial industries, security and manufacturing plants. Specialists in this field have a degree of four years or until Mastery 6 years, there are even some roboticists who prefer to obtain a doctoral degree. Students who complete a program in robotics engineering usually find employment in areas of health, science of computing, aerospace and industrial.

robotics engineering

Bachelor’s Degree

Programs include both robotic engineering studies mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as advanced training in science of computing, according to Education Portal. Other materials may be physics, calculus, performance sensors, industrial robotics and unified robotics. The prerequisites for students interested in the programs of Bachelor are a high school diploma or GED and experience in math and science . Most programs consist of classroom studies and laboratory work. In addition to basic robotics courses, some undergraduate programs, such as the Carnegie Mellon University, also focus on areas of research, including robotic aerial vehicles and low-flying robots for material handling.


Health Care Jobs

The job market may be lower for those with a degree of bachelor in robotics engineering, but there are some career options for these specialists. Graduates of these programs can find jobs as laboratory assistants, robotic testing technicians, programmers, system controllers robotics and technical quality control. These positions generally work under the direct supervision of an engineer with a higher degree.


Masters Degree in

To advance studies in robotics engineering, a master’s degree imposes on employers. Students must have a bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering or a related field before applying. Candidates must also present their ideas in a folder or some introduction to building its robotic model. The courses in most programs include algorithms mathematical , social implications of technology, robot dynamics and an internship in robotics engineering. For students who attend full-time, most programs can be completed in two years.


Careers and beyond

Graduates of the master’s degree in robotics engineering usually work in offices, factories or laboratories, according to the State University of Employment. Robotics engineers often obtain leadership positions or find work in robotic automation. Some specialists sell robots move or start their own consulting firms. It is expected that the job outlook for these professionals is good, since the use of robots in manufacturing industries and in the military field, will increase.