The robotic engineers make design test components for robotic systems. These systems are frequently used in the manufacture of objects to expedite and automate the process. The Bureau of Statistics Labor says that robotics engineering requires the effort of engineers in a variety of disciplines. Therefore, to understand the scale salary for engineers robotics is necessary to revise the salaries of engineers in different disciplines.
salaries in robotics engineering

Average Salary

The average salary for robotic engineers was U.S. $ 91,770 per year from 2010, according to Bureau of Statistics Labor (BLS). This list does not pay separate robotic engineers, but includes wages within the broader category of “all other” engineers, according to O * Net Online. The BLS indicates that mechanical engineers received an average salary of U.S. $ 82,480 per year, while electronics engineers earned U.S. $ 92,730 annually. Finally, computer engineers received U.S. $ 101,600 per year.


Salary scale

The scale salary for mechanical, electronic and computer engineers varies slightly. For example, mechanical engineers received an average salary of U.S. $ 78,160 in 2010, while electronic engineers and hardware engineers earned U.S. $ 90,170 and U.S. $ 98,810 respectively. The lowest wages were made ​​by those in the field of mechanical engineering. 10 percent of employees with lower wages in this sector earned U.S. $ 50,550 or less per year. Was the highest salary for computer engineers who took home U.S. $ 147,890 or more per year.

Where robotic engineers work may also have an effect on how much they can expect to gain in terms of average salary. For example, the BLS indicates that software engineers with higher wages working in New York, earning an average U.S. salary $ 115,240 per year in 2010. Those who worked in New Jersey received the highest average salary in the field of electronics engineering U.S. $ 109,740 per year. Mechanical engineers in Alaska were the highest paid an annual salary of U.S. $ 99,400 per year.

Job prospects
The general scope of work for the engineering sector projected by the Bureau of Statistics Labor indicates that growth will be slow and steady until 2018. agency projected growth of 11 percent from 2008 to 2018 for the field of engineering generally. For the disciplines of mechanical, electronic and computer engineering are expected employment growth is much slower than this. However, specialty fields such as robotics is likely to grow faster than all areas seen in a general way.