You want to personalize your computer. You can put the picture that you like at the bottom of your computer screen and get so that every time you open session can smile or enjoy that image that you like. In this article we you step by step how to put wallpaper on your desktop in a very simple way that also will attach you pictures so you can see easily how.

The first step to change the wallpaper on your computer is to go to Control Panel. You will have to click on the button Start and then check the option Control Panel then you get a menu with different options appears you will have to seek titled with the name Appearance and Rationalization and click on the option change desktop wallpaper on your desktop.

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At a point you can choose one of the offerswallpaper on your desktopĀ already comes default or, if you prefer you can choose one that you have own stores and some of your folders. If you want this second option will have to mark the button browse and choose the photo you want to put as wallpaper. You should know that there is an option where you can choose a series of photos or choose them all ticking the button select all and that will be happening automatically by your computer every X minutes also can determine this time on the option it will appear in the bottom right of the screen.

In addition, the Control Panel you can also determine how you want the images to appear because you can adapt them to occupy the entire bottom of your desktop or you can make a mosaic with them center them and so on. Choose the option you like and your computer will be displayed with your choice. Once you have already selected all the options and you have adapted to your tastes, you only have to click the button Save Changes and in that moment you will see how the bottom of your computer displays the image or images you have selected