10 most important news of the week (22/01 to 26/01)

Good morning! To stay up to date at the beginning of Saturday (27), the TecMundo separated everything that was most important this week (January 22nd to 26th). In addition to various news about technology and science, the world of entertainment and games were also very busy during the period.

On Monday (22), iOS 17.3 was released for iPhone. On Wednesday (24), Nubank launched a function that allows you to transform your credit card limit into an account balance. This Friday (26), Google announced Lumiere, an AI that transforms text into realistic videos.

This was just a taste of everything that happened! Check out the most important things that happened this week below. To access each news item in full, simply click on the links below.

1. iOS 17.3 is released for iPhone; check out the news. iOS 17.3 arrives with a feature against iPhone theft and more; look!

2. Netflix receives 5 major releases this week! See list. Still don't know what to watch on Netflix this week? See a list of 5 hot releases arriving on streaming in the next few days!

3. Palworld is 'meaningless imitation', says former Pokémon executive. Expert says he is surprised that project accused of plagiarism 'got this far'; understand the case!

4. Oscar 2024: check the complete list of nominees. The 2024 Oscars will be held on March 10, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel; Check out the list of nominees!

5. Nubank now allows you to transform your card limit into an account balance; see how. Nubank announced the feature that allows you to add balance to your account using the card limit; check the interest rate and how to carry out the operation!

6. Max: streaming that replaces HBO gets a release date and prices in Brazil; look. Warner Bros. Discovery revealed when Max will arrive in Brazil and that the streaming service will have 3 different plans; see the values!

7. James Webb Telescope reveals source of mysterious glow in the early universe. In a new study, scientists have managed to detect the source responsible for a mysterious glow from the early universe known as Lyman-alpha emissions.

8. Apple announces major changes to the App Store and will allow you to install 'outside' apps on the iPhone. The biggest change ever made to the App Store was confirmed by Apple and follows European Union market laws; understand what changes.

9. Google announces Lumiere, AI that transforms text into realistic videos. Google's new AI model can also generate animations from still images.

10. 7 cases in which artificial intelligence had worrying behavior. Discover notable cases where AI demonstrated questionable behavior.

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