10 technology news to start your day (01/31)

Good morning! We've separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology so you know everything that happened last Tuesday (30). To check each news item in full, simply click on the links below.

1. Elon Musk announces that Neuralink has performed the first brain chip implant in a human. The company's owner, billionaire Elon Musk, told details about implanting the chip in a human; check out.

2. It started: Netflix cancels its first series in 2024; see which one. The zombie series Black Summer is the first officially canceled series of 2024, even though the plot has been forgotten for more than two years. Know more!

3. Fake Digital Driver's License: illegal document carries risks and can lead to arrest; look! People are freely trading counterfeit versions of the Digital CNH on social media; How does the fake app work and what are the risks of having it on your cell phone?

4. TikTok starts encouraging horizontal video creation to rival YouTube. In a pop-up sent to some creators, the platform promises to boost the reach of content for 72 hours after publication.

5. Prime Video: check out the films and series that arrive on streaming in February. Among the highlights of Prime Video in February are Fast and Furious 10 and the series Mr. & Mrs. Smith; check out the full list.

6. GTA San Andreas: 7 interesting facts about the Rockstar classic. GTA San Andreas turns 20 in 2024! How about remembering some interesting facts about the Rockstar classic? Check the list.

7. ChatGPT is leaking confidential conversations and data to third parties, says report. Logins and passwords for a medicine platform are among the information leaked by generative AI.

8. Apple Vision Pro: glasses impress in first reviews; see reviews. The Apple Vision will be launched on February 2nd and has already received the first full reviews; See what experts are saying about the headset.

9. Samsung CEO declares that Galaxy AI may have paid features from 2025. Executive suggested that some consumers are willing to pay for more advanced functions on the cell phone.

10. Organic matter found on an asteroid could explain the origin of life on Earth. Researchers believe samples from the asteroid Ryugu suggest that ancient comets are responsible for bringing the 'seeds of life' to our planet.

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