What future gadgets or technologies appear in the film Back to the Future you are already a reality and part of our lives? Guess? A few days ago the 30th anniversary of the premiere of “fulfilled Back to the Future “, namely on 3 July. And while Spain will not hit theaters until December 1985 and under the name “Back to the Future” (“Back to the Future” in Latin), we look back to remember a classic among classics. And it was in the sequel, Back to the Future II (1989), when Robert Zemeckis takes us to a future hypothetical located, nothing more and nothing less, than on 21 October 2015. Just where testaments now or we will be in a month! This Zemeckis had to show off their creativity and imagination to try to predict those inventions, technologies and gadgets that would actually today. Have you guessed right?

future gadgets

1. Smart Glasses:

In some scenes of the film we see how Michael J. Fox appears with a “multipurpose glasses” made ​​by JVC, which allowed from answering calls, tell the time, to watch television. Although today glasses as the Oculus Rift , the Google Glass or Hololens of Microsoft not part of our daily lives, and we can guess that these inventions or gadgets will be part of our immediate future. Not surprisingly, both Oculus and Microsoft have announced that their glasses will begin to market massively from next year. Of course, a more than 1,000 euros for the time price.

2. Video call:

In another sequence of the film we see a supposed video call to a certain Needles, known Marty McFly. Well, in the 80s it was unthinkable this type of communication. But today we have plenty of programs and applications, including Skype or WhatsApp voice calls , allowing us to have conversations remotely using our devices and seeing the face of our interlocutor.

3. Tablets:

When “Doc” gives a tablet to Marty McFly in this film stays absolutely amazed and open mouth. And Robert Zemeckis and imagined in the mid-80s that the tablets or tablets would become one of the Star gadgets in the not too distant future. Today, maybe you have an iPad a tablet Galaxy Tab or any other brand?