5 best dramas coming to Netflix in February 2024

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Dramas are gaining more and more popularity on streaming platforms, and the more people venture into these plots, the more news reaches the West.

Dramas are considered series that originated in South and Southeast Asia, in countries such as South Korea, China, Taiwan, and others, and are of the dramatic genre. On Netflix, you can now check out a variety of productions with the most different themes, some also focusing on comedy, suspense and romance.

Speaking of dramas and Netflix, the streaming platform will receive some great news in February 2024. Check out the selection made by Minha Série!

5. Doctors in Collapse

In Doctors in Collapse, you will follow the story of two friends from college. The students were prodigies at university, and now they are two dedicated and very tired doctors.

Years after leaving college, they meet again at the worst moment of their lives and ignite an old rivalry. The conflicts between them, in fact, could also just be sparks of a new romance.

You can watch the drama Doctors in Collapse on February 25th on Netflix.

4. Ghost Doctor

The drama Ghost Doctoran original series from South Korea, is also coming to Netflix this February 2024. The plot takes place in the life of a medical student during his first year of residency.

What would be a normal year of studies ends up becoming something completely unexpected. The story begins when the student is possessed by the spirit of a renowned but arrogant surgeon.

Ghost Doctor is a 2022 series, but arrives on February 23rd on Netflix.

3. Chaos Comedy

For those who like humor, the month of February sees the premiere of the series Chaos Comedy, originally from Indonesia. The drama tells the story of a man who was expelled from his own company.

Now, he needs to do everything he can to maintain his marriage, balancing his relationship with his comedy club, which is also hanging by a thread.

The drama Chaos Comedy It will have 10 episodes and premiere on Netflix on February 16th.

2. Battle of the Singles

You can check out the Thai series on Netflix in February Battle of the Singles, which features a very fun romantic comedy. The plot takes place in a world in which the male population is increasingly scarce.

Then, we see how an ordinary young man participates in a dating competition to find his ideal partner. The reality show is sponsored by the government and will present some options for the protagonist, in a fun competition full of mysteries.

The drama Battle of the Singles premieres on Netflix on February 15th.

1. A Killer Paradox

In February you can also watch the series The Killer Paradox, which tells the story of student Lee Tang. One day, while working at a convenience store, he accidentally kills a man.

Soon, Lee discovers that the victim was a serial killer, and realizes that he has a gift for identifying who “deserves” to die. So, the character begins to embody this personality and goes around doing what he calls justice.

The series The Killer Paradox premieres on Netflix on February 9th.

What did you think of the dramas arriving this month on the streaming platform? What will your request be?

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