7 free games to redeem and play on PC, consoles and mobile

Looking for new adventures without spending anything this weekend? O Voxel has an unmissable selection of free games that promise hours of gameplay, whether you're a fan of complex puzzles, electrifying combat, mysterious explorations or exciting races.

From strategic challenges that test your problem-solving ability to epic battles that pit mythological gods face to face, our list spans a variety of genres and platforms, ensuring there's something for everyone.

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In addition to the free game of the week from the Epic Store, the list also includes new offers from Steam for computer owners. Furthermore, we also have great options for those who play on consoles and even cell phones! Check it out below.

Infinifactory (PC)

In Infinifactory, we are led to build complex assembly lines, using blocks to manufacture specific objects, under the orders of aliens with mysterious intentions. Construction freedom is broad, allowing the use of conveyor belts, welders and sensors to create efficient and optimized mechanisms.

WWE 2k23 (Xbox One and Xbox Series X)

WWE 2K23 it is a game that simulates the wrestling environment, allowing users to participate in combat and recreate the careers of famous wrestlers. The title includes several modes, each with its own rules and objectives, such as WarGames mode, which is new, and Showcase, focused on the career of the iconic John Cena. In it, we have the freedom to choose from a wide range of professionals and can participate in matches both in solo mode and in online competitions.

The title is available to play for free until January 28th for Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate subscribers.

Phantom Abyss (Xbox One and Xbox Series X)

In Phantom Abyss, adventurers are dropped into mysterious temples, each uniquely generated by algorithms, with the challenge of recovering sacred relics hidden in their treacherous depths. In this asynchronous multiplayer, each attempt is a race against time and full of deadly traps, in which wit and agility are crucial for survival. The peculiarity of the game lies in the presence of “ghosts” from previous attempts, allowing you to learn from past mistakes, both your own and those of other players.

The title is available to play for free until January 28th for Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate subscribers.

MX vs ATV Legends (Xbox One and Xbox Series X)

MX vs ATV Legends is a racing game that pits motocross motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) in exciting competitions. It offers a variety of tracks, from closed circuits to vast open landscapes, challenging participants to master different types of terrain. With an emphasis on realistic physics and vehicle customization capabilities, players can adjust their machines to suit both their driving style and the demands of each track.

The title is available to play for free until January 28th for Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate subscribers.

Palia (Nintendo Switch and PC)

Palia is an MMO with a different style than others in its genre, focusing on building, social interactions and creating a welcoming community. In this enchanting world, players have the freedom to build their homes, form bonds with other characters, and explore serene landscapes far from the frenetic battles. The emphasis on peaceful activities such as farming, fishing and decorating allows for a relaxing experience in which each choice contributes to the dynamics and development of the community.

Smite (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC)

In addition to the announcement of Smite 2Titan Forge Games brings news in season 11 of Smite, the popular MOBA that pits gods from different mythologies in epic battles. In this new season, players can look forward to a series of innovative events, including Divine Legacy, which rewards achievements accumulated over the years.

The season also introduces innovative mechanics in Conquest mode, with comets that when they fall turn into valuable artifacts, teleports to quickly cross the map, a jungle store and missions to improve relics. These additions promise to renew the experience, offering new strategies and challenges for veterans and newcomers to the universe of Smite.

Aether Gazer (Android and iOS)

In Aether Gazer, we dive into a dystopian future in which humanity has been forced to transfer its consciousness to Gaea, an artificial intelligence that orbits the Earth, due to the planet's uninhabitability caused by constant wars. This action RPG immerses us in a world divided into ten sephirah zones, each with its own culture and beliefs, united by the common goal of building the perfect civilization, Idealbild.

However, beneath this utopian surface, virtual threats known as Visbanes lurk, threatening to destroy humanity's promised paradise. Gameplay involves strategically using each character's abilities, building powerful combos, and team customization to unleash the potential of Modifiers, in a fight to save the collective conscience and achieve the promised future. The title is available for Android and iOS.

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