7 Lindsay Lohan films to binge-watch along with Mean Girls

The queen of romantic comedies and teen films, Lindsay Lohan was one of the most iconic actresses of the 2000s. Her career began at a very young age, as one of Disney's young talents, and quickly reached its peak — starring in productions that marked generations and became enshrined in the collective imagination.

After focusing on more mature productions and taking a career break for legal and health reasons, Lindsay is returning with everything to her debut genre: romantic comedies.

The actress's official return was starring in a Netflix Christmas film in 2022 and now, she returns in the reboot of Mean Girls (2024), 20 years after the original's debut, in a special appearance.

With that in mind, the My Series separated the best Lindsay Lohan films to marathon along with Mean Girlscheck out;

7. A Little Christmas Drop

Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan) is a spoiled heiress who only cares about her image, shopping and traveling. In an accident in the snow, she loses her memory and goes missing. Sierra is found by Jake (Chord Overstreet), the owner of a bankrupt inn.

He tries to help Sierra recover her memory and discover her true passion, while she organizes a holiday event to save Jake's inn. Check out the trailer for A Little Christmas (2022), below;

6. Herbie – My Turbocharged Beetle

In Herbie – My Turbocharged Beetle (2005), Maggie Peyton wants to become a NASCAR driver, but her father, Ray (Michael Keaton), won't let her. He, who was once a pilot, wants Maggie to get a more stable job, leaving the racing track to his older brother.

To celebrate his daughter's graduation, Ray takes her to the junkyard to pick out a car and, when she least expects it, her life is transformed by an overturned Beetle, named Herbie.

5. Operation Cupid

Twins Hallie and Annie were separated when they were babies, so they didn't know the other existed. When they meet at summer camp, they decide to switch places on the way home and come up with a plan to reunite their divorced parents, Elizabeth (Natasha Richardson) and Nicholas (Dennis Quaid).

However, in Cupid operation (1998), they will need to face a series of obstacles — which includes making the life of their father's current suitor hell.

Lindsay Lohan plays twins Annie and Hallie in Cupid (1998).Lindsay Lohan plays twins Annie and Hallie in Cupid (1998).Source: Disney+

4. Confessions of a Teenager in Crisis

In Confessions of a Teenager in Crisis (2004), Lola is a New York teenager who dreams of being a famous theater actress. Used to being the center of attention, the young woman does not deal well with her family's move to New Jersey, as her dreams of greatness face new obstacles.

In a new city, she must face the most popular girl in school, Carla Santini (Megan Fox), to win the lead role in the school musical.

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Lindsay Lohan, as Lola, and Megan Fox, as Carla, in Confessions of a Teenager in Crisis (2004).Lindsay Lohan, as Lola, and Megan Fox, as Carla, in Confessions of a Teenager in Crisis (2004).Source: Disney+

3. Luck in Love

Ashley is a young New York socialite with a successful career who is also known for being the luckiest girl in the world. The disastrous Jake (Chris Pine), on the other hand, is known for exactly the opposite, being the unluckiest person in the city. At a masquerade party, the lovebirds kiss and their fortunes are reversed. Check out the trailer for Luck in Love (2006), below:

2. Freaky Friday

Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) is the methodical mother of Anna, an angry teenager who dreams of having a rock band. The two live in conflict because they cannot understand each other, but everything changes when they end up suddenly switching bodies. In a Freaky Friday (2003), they are forced to live each other’s lives and difficulties.

Lindsay Lohan, as Anna, and Jaime Lee Curtis, as Tess, in Freaky Friday (2003).Lindsay Lohan, as Anna, and Jaime Lee Curtis, as Tess, in Freaky Friday (2003).Source: Disney+

1. Mean Girls

Cady is a teenager who never attended school and studied at home. When her parents decide to return to the United States, she has to face high school and its savagery, while dealing with all the issues that surround the teenage world, including its feuds and insecurities.

In the meantime, she is adopted by the “powerful ones”, led by Regina George (Rachel McAdams). Check out the trailer for Mean Girls (2004), below;

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