A software engineer designs, develops and test software, and setting up and managing systems of information in an organization or business. With the advent of Internet and the prevalence of advanced web-based technologies and engineers also develop software applications for the Internet, Intranet and web. In the broad domain of information technology, a software engineer is among the most sought after professionals.

a software engineer

A software engineer designs and develops software and solutions by studying information requirements and analysis of specific user needs. Using different programming languages ​​and other development tools, quality assurance and testing, software engineers create systems packaged applications, word processing and business software systems and other custom applications.

Software engineers usually have a bachelor or master of science in software engineering or computer science. Engineers with specializations in other streams, but with additional certifications in computer training institutes, good programming skills and experience with systems computing, information architectures and web technologies are also considered by employers.
Given the use of IT in multiple industries and the need to develop programs and Internet web, software engineering will remain a popular occupation. Software engineers work with leading technology companies, global business, web businesses, government agencies, the military and multilateral institutions. Many experienced software engineers with expertise in business can also carry out small business consulting, small colleges and non-profit organizations.

Salaries for software engineers depend on market dynamics, specialization of roles, skills and experience. But software engineers usually start with an average salary of $ 60,000 per year, while highly experienced and exceptionally skilled engineers can earn over $ 125,000 a year.

In the highly competitive environment of today’s business software engineers also need to possess strong communication skills, business and industry knowledge, as well as having an ethic of teamwork to become leaders in the systems of information, managers of IT projects and consultants in the corporate world.