Facebook has become one of the most powerful social networks with more than 1,500 million users. Despite this, many people choose not to be part of this platform, either because they find it useful or for privacy reasons. However, there are times that surely anyone wondered how to enter Facebook without account without the need for registrars. Well, the truth is that we can access the platform without logging and without contacts to see, but can also be a number of limitations discussed below.

How to access Facebook without registering

In case you want to access from mobile through the Facebook app, you should know that then yes that is not possible without login. So, in order to enter Facebook without an account or register you need the first thing to do to access Facebook without registration is open the browser of your mobile phone or computer. Once this is done, we will determine how to find the profile of the person you want to enter or profile of any other account you want to access.

Usually, every person on Facebook has a link that belongs to his or her profile type: www.facebook.com/pepito123. However, having so many people with the same name, many cannot be searched by entering only the name, because facebook has given them a link so that no match people with the same name. If you know what direction profile of the person, you want to visit or group, enter it directly on the top navigation bar. Now if we do not know the exact address we can try to introduce www.facebook.com/ and the name of the profile you want to access all together with no spaces. In this case, you must search within the browser and not in the headspace where URL’s always appear.

At this point, Facebook will give us different results depending on the profile name you entered to enter without registering. So you must be entering one by one in different Facebook accounts that appear in the results until the desired. For example, we have sought www.facebook.com/uncomo as there is a Facebook page called alike, has appeared to us in the first result. So we had to just click and we were able to enter without checking. However, as noted above, it is possible that your search results have many because there are accounts with the same names, so you have to keep trying.

Once we have clicked on the link to enter Facebook profile without registering, you may appear to us a window security control of Facebook where we must fill out a captcha. Once this is done, and will give us access profile to the page you want to access or a panel where we appear different accounts with the same name. You do not always have to appear this message. You may leave you directly enter Facebook profile without filling the captcha.

They are public profiles or fan pages created by organizations, public figures and companies in order to interact with consumers. They are accounts that people with a Facebook profile created to bring together people who share a common interest. The main difference is that anyone, regardless of being a friend or not the creator of the page, you have access to this group. Sometimes, it is necessary that the administrator authorize the entry, while others can be directly accessed without permission.