AI comes to Fire TV: now you can create your own wallpapers with Alexa

Back in September 2023, Amazon announced that AI artwork generation would come to Fire TV Omni QLED televisions and the second-generation Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Now, a few months later, the feature has started rolling out. Fire TV's new AI-based artwork generation tool, called AI Art, will be available through the end of January in a “public preview” in the US for all users with compatible Fire TV devices. After the test, and if all goes well, the online sales giant is expected to launch this new feature to compatible devices around the world.

What does the AI ​​Art feature do? With this new feature, which is part of the company's 'Ambient Experience', you can simply ask Alexa voice assistant to create custom artwork to place on our TV screen. Amazon has explained that its new tool is based on its Titan Image Generator model. It will create four initial images that can be further refined at the user's request. Then we can use them as wallpaper on the TV when we are not using it to watch content, and we can store them in Amazon Photos to easily share them on other devices.

The new AI Art feature is only available on Fire TV devices that include the “Ambient Background (that's what they call it in Spain).” So, of the Fire TVs sold in Spain, Currently only the second generation Fire TV Stick 4K Max is supported. If you have this Fire TV model and you are reading us from the United States, you can now try this new feature. You will only have to activate the “Ambient Background” function and ask Alexa to create a background.

Create your own Fire TV wallpapers with Alexa and AI

create wallpapers for Fire TV with Alexa and AI

The new AI image generation function that comes to Fire TV works in a very similar way to what we have seen in other similar tools. That is, we must explain as best as possible the type of image we want to create, with maximum details. The difference with other systems is that, instead of writing it, We will give the instruction using voice commands and the Alexa assistant.

So, in the image above you can see an example in which the AI ​​is asked to create a wallpaper showing the mushroom country on Mars painted in watercolor. As we mentioned, once we have described what we want to do, The Fire TV AI will create four images to choose the one we like the most. On the other hand, the image generation model can also be trained to create images in specific styles, such as watercolor or pixel art.

Once the Fire TV has generated the images with AI Art, we will have several options available. We can use these images to become Fire TV background image, giving it a personal and unique touch. Alternatively, AI-generated images can be save to Amazon Photos account of the user to be able to access them from any other device.

In short, AI Art is not an essential function for Fire TV users, it is more of a curiosity than anything else. It is true that It can be used to give a more personal touch to our device, and even to have fun “playing” with Artificial Intelligence for a while, but it doesn't go any further. But hey, since in 2024 it seems that everything will have integrated AI, because Amazon does not want to be left behind. As we told you, at the moment it is only available in the United States.

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