We tried one of the best media center android, Tronsmart AW80 and see what he can … The ideal companion for your living room? Today we have to figure out what is Android Media Player . For that we will try the Tronsmart AW80 and see how it goes. We started! If you have not already connected your TV to any device, whether Chromecast or, for example, the PC itself, you may have to take into consideration this device, a media player Android we’ve selected as one of the most powerful market .

media center android

Construction, specifications and accessories

As for the packaging we have to say is very well packaged. The same device is made ​​of metal (aluminum), which influences a little weight, but the quality is excellent . The good: its design will not clash in the living room of our house.

It comes with an 8-core processor , 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of memory storage. As for connections is one of the most complete, with 3 USB (one 3.0), the ability to expand the memory with SD up to 128 GB, very important if you want to save many films and classic HDMI and SPDIF outputs for surround sound . To have the possibility to add a SATA hard drive. Yes, a HD as the computer.

Comes complete accessories with the power supply and its own IR remote, pretty basic and not recommended. As a tip, if you make the order also buy Tronsmart Air Mouse , which has the advantage of also be used as a keyboard, even on other devices and USB charging. In our case, we also ask the controller for games, because with the power of Tronsmart it takes a lot of enjoyment to play in Android.

Use and interface

Once turned on for the first time we realize that it is a fairly pure Android , at least in appearance, with Android 4.4 KitKat . It comes with some pre-installed applications, mostly to get performance to television and movies. Remember that you commented how easy this note: How to watch online movies on Android?

As a detail, comes with Root factory , so you will not have to open or break your head. Important to customize it to your needs, because the truth interface default one does not convince at all. Remember you can put a launcher on your taste , like NOVA. Also, if you’re going to maintain command with which comes standard (infrared), you should consider installing some style app “TV Launcher”, more suitable for basic controls.

Gaming Performance

As for games we have tested and works great. Not only because the games run smoothly , but this device supports up to 4K resolution, which is important because it could be the standard resolution in a few years.

Furthermore, these devices (media player) in the main game advantage over Chrome cast. In the small dongle Google laguean games are, quite appreciably and costs play them. Here there is any delay , so you can play very convenient, especially if you asked a knob like us.

Final assessment

It is a device fully recommended , provided you know what you’re buying you. If you know enough about Android, you can upgrade it, customize it to your liking and use all kinds of applications thanks to its great power. Too bad no pains a little more in the interface, which is rough with the original remote and its use is still not perfect with the Air Mouse we buy, but improved enough.