AOC GAMING 24G4X and 27G4X, a new and affordable series of gaming monitors with 180 Hz

AGON by AOC, one of the most important brands of gaming monitors and accessories on the market, begins the year with the launch of a new series of monitors for its AOC GAMING range. As the successor to the award-winning G2 series, the new G4 series features a completely new elegant design. The 23.8-inch (60 cm) AOC GAMING 24G4X and 27-inch (68 cm) 27G4X feature Fast IPS panels for more accurate color reproduction and wide viewing angles, an even faster 180Hz refresh rate, GtG response times of up to 1ms, and support for NVIDIA G-SYNC.

Raising the bar for entry-level gaming monitors, both monitors have a 180Hz refresh rate, ensuring fluid and responsive gameplay. In tune with their 24 and 27 inch screen sizesthe Full HD resolution (1920×1080) allows gamers to achieve high frame rates with most commonly used GPUs. When using Fast IPS panels With accurate colors and wide viewing angles, the monitors are capable of handling light image/video editing or live streaming tasks outside of gaming.

With response times up to 1 ms (GtG) thanks to Fast IPS panels, these models are designed for gamers who demand maximum precision and clarity, making ghosting no longer a concern. Both the AOC GAMING 24G4X and 27G4X are HDR10 compatible, to offer vivid and dynamic images. Additionally, both models are compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNCeliminating tearing and flickering for fluid gameplay with a variable refresh rate.

AOC GAMING 24G4X and 27G4X: new design for a fairly economical range

AOC GAMING 27G4X front and rear view

The 24G4X and 27G4X models feature a completely new design, inspired by the sharp lines and unusual aesthetics of a fighter aircraft. The models are equipped with a more compact base than before, what is both elegant and functional, and offers ample space for keyboards and mice during intense eSports action. With universal dark gray details and triangular shapes on the back, these monitors have a modern look that blends perfectly with a wide variety of gaming systems.

As well as featuring a new exterior look, the 24G4X and 27G4X monitors come with a new On-Screen Display, making it easier for gamers to personalize the viewing experience. Furthermore, the elegant AOC G-Menu software Allows users to change monitor settings according to their preferences. The OSD allows users to activate gaming features, such as the new Smart Crosshair functionwhich can change the color of the crosshair in contrast to the background, improving aiming accuracy and giving players an advantage in competitive games.

Finally, both models incorporate a Ergonomic stand allows for height, swivel, tilt and pivot adjustment to enjoy comfortable gaming sessions. In addition, the ergonomic stand allows users to sit with proper posture and use the monitors not only for gaming, but also for studying or working throughout the day. Thanks to the elegant design of their base, they stand firmly and take up less space on your desk.


The new AOC GAMING 24G4X and 27G4X also have Flicker-Free technology and LowBlue mode, which will allow you to play comfortably until the early hours of the morning. And for gamers who use monitor arms, the models offer a choice of VESA mount. Thanks to your 3-sided borderless design, its design is especially recommended for mounting a set of several monitors. And not only that, they have integrated speakers and a headphone output.

As he AOC GAMING 24G4X As the AOC GAMING 27G4X They will be available from the end of January 2024 at a price of 169 euros and 199 euros respectively.

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