Apple Vision Pro is officially launched today (02) in the United States

Apple officially starts selling the Vision Pro this Friday (02). The mixed reality headset is currently only sold in the United States, with limited stock

People interested in purchasing the headset can participate in a demonstration of up to 25 minutes before making the purchase. Furthermore, consumers who pre-purchased the model can also pick up the device starting today.

The price of the Apple Vision Pro starts at US$3,499 — approximately R$17,100 in direct currency conversion, in the cheapest version of the device, with 256 GB of internal storage.

The model is also available in 512 GB versions (for US$ 3,699) and also in 1 TB versions (which costs US$ 3,899). The company also suggests taking out AppleCare+ insurance, covering two years for an additional US$499.

The Vision Pro seen from the side, with the obligatory battery connection cable.The Vision Pro seen from the side, with the obligatory battery connection cable.Source: Apple

Additionally, Apple separately sells custom-made prescription lenses made by Zeiss for $149. To date, There is no forecast for the device to be sold in markets other than North America.

Apple Vision Pro initial reception

Apple has not yet shared official numbers, but analysts believe that the brand sold around 180,000 units of the headset in pre-sale. The number is low by the brand's standards, but it would be in line with the expectations of a product considered expensive and a technology that is still niche.

Early reviews from US journalists and influencers who received the Vision Pro early are full of praise. The headset is considered a truly immersive experience across multiple fieldssuch as entertainment and productivity

However, the device also received some criticism. The mandatory external battery, for example, is heavy and short-lived. Furthermore, the video calling app that generates a virtual avatar based on the user's face is considered limited and visually awkward.

The Vision Pro can be used for video streaming, gaming, work and communication.Source: Apple

Finally, the absence of popular streaming platforms at launch, such as Netflix, is notable.

This week, on the other hand, the brand announced 600 new apps and games designed for Vision Pro glasses, with more launches planned for the near future.

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