This range of smartphones first commercialized in 2007. Since then they have produced different versions of the iPhone, currently version 5 being the last one. This smartphone has a large number of market applications that enhance its functionality . There are many free applications for iPhone, but usually the strongest are extra.

Great photos on mobile

If the iPhone camera has always been considered high quality and performance, the native application that manages not offer great possibilities. The Camera + app brings a number of improvements in the management of images. With it you can also take photos, refocus, edit aspects such as brightness, add effects and achieve superior image stabilization to ensure that the picture never be blurred.

applications for iPhone

Easy access to all services

Each new application or service to which the user connects to an iPhone requires a username and password. Often the number of managed services from mobile is so high that it is very difficult to remember them all. The 1Password application manages all access, just having to remember a username and password. Have a cipher security and supports synchronization in the cloud.

Features added to Twitter

Access to social networks is always present in the mobile generation . To access Twitter is the Tweetbot app for iPhone. This application is a client access to the network that adds functionality that can be managed with a simple touch. Allows configuration of triple tap to perform common tasks such as retweets, favorites or manage to see different timelines with ease.


A simple way to not forget anything

There are tasks that can be very easy but very long when they become complicated. The application is simply used Clear for creating lists. You can create lists of any type and allows convenient and simple management to keep them updated. The tool allows sharing via Facebook or Twitter. Any other application generated text can be converted into a list of Clear.

Games on the iPhone

The iPhone also has many games. One is Sir Octopus. This game at first seems very simple and easy go complicated as it progresses in stages. Is to retrieve Sir Octopus and family members of different situations and inhospitable places. This application is available for free download on the App Store.