Multimedia presentations are part and parcel of everyday life these days. From schools to boardrooms, this is one activity that takes place on a daily basis. Before now, it was compulsory to have a computer and projector handy before you could share your presentations. Today, it is possible to share your presentations from a smartphone or tablet onto amazing HD screens, thanks to newer projection systems from businesses like Videonations, and the use of certain apps. So… What are these apps?

In this piece we will take a look at some of the projection system apps that could work for you. If you are buying a business solution, then you are best off talking to the company about what they recommend.


AllCast is a solution for streaming content from your Android smartphone or tablet onto a larger display. It removes the need for cables, adapters of cords. To use this app, you need a display larger than the host device and a set-top box. The devices supported by this application are Google’s Chromecast dongle, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV and Roku. The app also works seamlessly with any of the major smart TVs like Panasonic, Sony and Samsung. Here is a list of 6 of the best on TechRadar. The app needs to be installed on both the smartphone and the secondary device, and you also need a Wi-Fi connection before you can share your mobile screen on a larger display.

Panasonic Visual System

This app works on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It allows you to send your documents, including PowerPoint files, PDFs, images, and many more formats saved on your mobile, to a wireless projector over W-Fi. It is another popular way mobile screens can be projected. The app goes one stepfurther by making it possible for built-in mobile browsers and images taken by your smartphone to be projected as well. It allows screen rotation, pinch to zoom, and lots of other neat features.


Wifi-Doc is one of the most popular apps when it comes to mobile wireless presentations. It can broadcast content from your mobile device to your WiFi projectors, presentation gateway devices like WiGA, WPS and so on. The app allows sharing of all major Microsoft Docs types, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint and it also supports PDF files. To use this app, you need to first of all install the application on your mobile device and then connect your mobile WiFi to the same network the receiver is on.

Droid @ Screen

Droid Screen is an app that only transfers your mobile screen content to a computer screen. It doesn’t feature straight sharing from your mobile screen.   To use this, you have to connect your smartphone or tablet to the computer using a Micro-USB adapter and rub the app. The app will then be able to mirror content between your smartphone display and monitor. You can then go ahead and share your presentations from your computer monitor.

This app may not be necessary if you can just transfer your presentation from your mobile device to a computer, or mirror your device to a screen with built in capabilities. Either of these options might work better. But, as a screen mirroring app it works very well. Interestingly, it costs $5 to get full access to the app!

These are some of the apps you can use to project your mobile screen.