There are things that cannot be predicted and technology, which is often a godsend not save us all (although it may help). Since its birth, mobile phones have helped us get in touch with others when we need it most. In fact, at the beginning most users bought it with the excuse of if something happens but over time they have become necessary for many more things to communicate with any emergency.


Of course, over the years these emergency systems have become more sophisticated and much. We now have applications that serve different purposes and specific and can help in case of emergency. Do you want to know what apps should not miss on your mobile phone for use when you need it?

Emergency and information

In the graphic we cannot speak of a great application, because the truth is that the design is basic, but we cannot deny that this is a very useful tool. Emergency and information is an application that allows us to make direct calls to main emergency services: Ambulance, Fire, Rescue, Police Mistreatment and cancellation of cards. Be careful because when you click on these buttons, calls are straightforward.

It includes useful to use in case of emergency information, but the fact is that is not very graphic for use in a time when to do things fast. In addition, you will have access to an Internet connection because the application takes you to the web browser for you to read related articles each emergency. Finally, it is noted that also carries a built -in function flashlight that you can use in white, red or blue.

Download Emergencies and information.

If you are someone who usually do tours or practice extreme sports, you have to download Amplify. If you are in a hurry, because you have had an accident or because you have lost, you only have to press the red button and you will contact directly with the 112 while sending your geographic location. Emergency teams may help when your family and friends and always know how you are, if at some point have to give any warning.

If you frequently travel abroad, this application will come in pearl. Help Me – SOS International is a very simple tool, which allows you to make calls to the main emergency services: Ambulance Fire Police and My Location. Click on the globe to choose your country and go directly to the number of each territory. The change is simple and fast, so if you change location frequently, the application will come in pearl.


None of these applications is too heavy, so you can keep installed on your phone all the time you want. My112 is an application that simply makes calls to 112, with the ability to send your coordinates at the time. In addition, the tool allows you to keep track of all the warnings you gave, if you need them back in any case.

First Aid

Keep up on first aid never hurts. Applying First Aid includes instructions for cases of asphyxia Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), bleeding, poisoning, burns, heat stroke and dehydration Liposomal and coma, sprains and fractures and bites. Therefore, you know what you have to do if a snake bites you if your child drinks a cleaning product or if you witness a case of asphyxiation. The application includes clear and graphic instructions should be helpful in an emergency.