Asked about Palworld, President of Nintendo promises to combat plagiarism

And Pal continues “roaring” behind the scenes at Nintendo. Asked about the similarities of Palworld with Pokémon at a recent business meeting, the Japanese giant's president, Shuntaro Furukawa, said that the company will take action against anyone found to be violating any intellectual property rights.

The information was released by Reuters Japanese, based on a question and answer session at Nintendo's latest financial results briefing. Although Furukawa did not direct his comments specifically to Palworldhe responded that the company will take “appropriate action against those who infringe our intellectual property rights.”

Considered a "Pokémon with weapons"Palworld may be in Nintendo's sights due to alleged plagiarism.Considered a “Pokémon with weapons”, Palworld may be in Nintendo's sights due to alleged plagiarism.Source: Xbox

The executive's comments come two weeks after the Pokémon Company's statement. At the time, the company also did not mention Palworld directly — but given the tone of the conversation, it ended up not being necessary.

We received a lot of inquiries about a game from another company released in January 2024. We did not give any permission to use elements or intellectual property from Pokémon in that game,” said the Pokémon Company's statement.

“We will investigate and take appropriate action to resolve any action that infringes intellectual property rights relating to Pokémon“, concluded Pikachu's owner, who did not set a deadline for the investigation to begin.

Although Palworld be very different from Pokémon In many aspects, it is a fact that the subject generated heated discussions among fans on social media. Of course, there is an obvious influence on the game's revenue, especially the concept of little monsters — but it is up to Nintendo's lawyers to interpret what is plagiarism or not.

Palworld has become the rage of the moment

Despite being involved in plagiarism controversies, Pals continues to grow. According to the studio, Palworld has already had more than 12 million copies sold on Steam — in addition to a significant 19 million players since launch last month. In just four days of debut, the Pocketpair game sold no less than 6 million units.

“The fan response has been enormous and it's incredible that millions of players around the world are enjoying Palworld“, explained Takuro Mizobe, CEO of Pocketpair, in a recent interview with Xbox Wire.

This is just the beginning for us and the feedback we are collecting while the game is in Game Preview will allow us to continue improving the Pal tamer experience on all platforms,” ​​concluded the executive.

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