Automation Tools To Boost The Sales Of Your Venture

CRMs are currently one of the most useful tools to optimize the sales of your online business. Its multiple functions, such as integration with WhatsApp or shared access between several users, undoubtedly facilitate the way in which we communicate with customers.

Although the benefits and functions of CRM for sales are many, in this article we want to focus on the automation tools, which lighten the work and increase the productivity of the team at the same time.

What are the functions of CRMs to automate the work?

It is clear that CRMs are intended to enhance the way we manage communication with customers. However, not all of them have the same functions.

Some of them focus only on organization so that we can have better control of contacts. Meanwhile, others have the added bonus of mechanizing certain processes.

Do you want to know these functions? Here we show you what they are.

Automatic responses and chatbots

CRM allows you to program automatic responses of different types. It can be a welcome message, an absence message, or any other message you deem appropriate.

In this way, if a person contacts you outside working hours, for example, he or she will have a minimum of information that will keep him or her attentive and willing to wait for a clerk to arrive to make the sale.

In addition, you can program chatbots capable of maintaining longer conversations with customers through predetermined questions and answers.

It is important to mention that the whole programming process is quite easy, requiring no special knowledge. On the other hand, you can customize it to your liking so that your customers feel the warmth of your business even when receiving automated responses.

Automating tasks with Salesbots

If you want to automate communication even more, you can use salesbots. These work in a similar way to chatbots, but in a much more comprehensive way.

Salesbots can not only have pre-determined conversations with customers, but they can also rely on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to pick up on whether the potential customer has buying intentions or requires some specific action.

Therefore, they are able to send links, create tasks (which will be attended by CRM users), and assign tags to the customer, among others.

As mentioned in the previous point, this tool is quite intuitive. You just need to know the program well and a little practice with program sales bots that will improve the experience.

WhatsApp campaigns and mass messages

When a sales consultant does not have a WhatsApp CRM, he/she has the arduous responsibility of manually contacting each customer to transmit valuable information of the moment. This translates into a lot of wasted time that could be spent on other tasks of equal value.

On the other hand, creating massive groups on WhatsApp can be problematic if customers do not have us added to their address book or if we do this practice very often. If WhatsApp detects this pattern and interprets it as Spam, it can result in blocking the number on the platform temporarily or permanently.

This can mean losses for the company since we would not have access to all conversations and we could lose track of the leads.

Fortunately, WhatsApp CRM allows you to send mass messages to hundreds of contacts without the need to create a group for this purpose. Each person will receive the message individually.

In addition, the recipients of the message can be pre-selected or you can choose to send it to everyone.

All messages in one place

Normally sales consultants have to move through different communication channels to respond to all inquiries and potential sales. For example, WhatsApp messages, emails, private messages on Instagram, etc.

Of course, this requires a great deal of time and responses are not as fast as we would like. In addition, many times potential customers communicate through different communication channels, causing duplication of work and contributing to poor organization.

Using a CRM solves this problem. You can synchronize all the accounts of the different communication channels so that the messages arrive together in one place.

At the same time, a profile will be automatically created for each contact, in which all interactions with them can be unified. Additional data can also be included, such as purchase history, campaigns they have been in, and more.

Customers are assigned automatically

First of all, you should know that CRMs allow multiple users to have access to conversations. Therefore, the same WhatsApp number or Instagram account can be attended by several people (at different times or at the same time).

That said, the process of assigning who will handle each conversation could be laborious. However, conversations are assigned automatically through the tags we assign and the availability of our sales consultants.

You could perceive our software as a substitute for one of the tasks that a sales manager would normally do. Thanks to this, we can save a lot of time and avoid confusion within our work area.

As you can see, the functions that WhatsApp CRMs commonly have integrated allow us to facilitate many work procedures that we will implement in our online store.

The automation that comes with its use allows us to boost the sales of our venture by allowing us to focus on working without having to think about basic aspects of organization, planning, and administration.

Not only will we be able to perceive this by working in a fluid and comfortable work environment, but the customer will also be able to feel it by communicating with a company that responds appropriately, on time, and at all times.

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