Banco Inter offers cashback of up to 20% on the purchase of the Galaxy S24

Banco Inter is offering cashback of up to 20% to customers who buy a Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus or S24 Ultra on the fintech app. The promotional action valid until January 31st includes other benefits, such as the possibility of paying in up to 18 installments via credit card.

According to the digital bank, the money back is valid for the purchase of any of the new generation models of Samsung's premium smartphone, launched last Wednesday (17). The main attraction of the phones is their generative artificial intelligence capabilities.

The promotional action runs until January 31st on the Inter app.The promotional action runs until January 31st on the Inter app.Source: Banco Inter/Disclosure

Integrated into the Galaxy AI platform, the tools perform tasks such as translating calls in real time, transcribing audio recordings and editing photos, among others, natively. Powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Exynos 2400 chips, depending on the version and market, the devices also bring improvements to the screen, cameras and battery.

Regarding the prices of the Galaxy S24 in Brazil, prices start at R$5,999 for the standard model with 128 GB of storage and R$6,999 for the S24 Plus with 256 GB. The S24 Ultra costs R$9,999 in the 256 GB version and can reach R$12,999 in the 1 TB option, prices suggested by Samsung.

Galaxy S24 with cashback on the Inter app

In addition to the money back, digital bank account holders will have access to new products from the Galaxy S24 line in blue, orange and green, exclusive for the online launch. O upgrade in storage capacity is another advantage offered by the financial institution.

Anyone who buys an S24 with 128 GB will be able to get the 256 GB model without paying extra, while purchasing a 256 GB S24+ or S24 Ultra entitles them to an upgrade to 512 GB in the chosen version. This specific action is valid for transactions carried out until February 11th.

To enjoy the benefits, It is necessary to purchase the Galaxy S24 on the Banco Inter Super App. According to fintech, the cashback goes directly to the customer's digital account, who can use the money however they want.

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