BBB already had a The Sims-style game made in just two weeks; remember

On air on Brazilian television since 2002, the Big Brother Brazil (BBB) ​​has a long history of controversial participants, many of whom have become true celebrities. However, one element of the first edition of the reality show ended up being lost in many people's memories: the game developed by Continum Entertainment, based in Curitiba.

In the best style of the first the Sims, the game featured an isometric view and the challenge of controlling a character capable of surviving the most watched house in Brazil. Each of the 12 pre-assembled characters had unique characteristics such as charisma, humor, physical fitness, libido and hygiene, among many others.

The BBB game is inspired by The SimsThe BBB game is inspired by The SimsSource: Disclosure/Continuum Entertainment

However, something that the BBB game didn't have was a script: after choosing one of the participants, youyou simply walked around the house interacting with objects and other residents there. As your degree of affinity with someone increased, it was possible to flirt (only those of the opposite sex) or use your friendship to plot against another person.

BBB game was created in record time

With simple visuals even for the time, the game was constantly interrupted to take the leader test and vote on who should leave the house. To prevent your character from being chosen, it was important to keep an eye on your popularity, which could be affected by any of your actions.

The simplicity of the game BBB can be explained by the fact that it was created in record time by Continuum, who worked together with Brasoft and Rede Globo. In an interview with UOL, in 2020, former manager Alexandre Vrubel explained that Many elements were reused from the No Limite gamedone in parallel.

To win at BBB, you had to manage your popularityTo win at BBB, you had to manage your popularitySource: Disclosure/Continuum Entertainment

The entire development took place in just two weeks, with the team dedicating 14 hours of work per day to the process. This ended up greatly limiting the scope of the project, which was unable to replicate the reality show.

Despite everything, Vrubel considers that the project turned out well, given the tight deadline, stating that he sees that an adaptation of the type would currently benefit from online elements, including votes made with the help of other players. At the same time, he argues that the released game still offers a good challenge.

Continuum Entertainment officially ceased operations in September 2009. Currently, the BBB game is considered abandonware and can be downloaded and viewed for free through sites like Baixaki — click here to download!

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