If you want to get started in the world of drones or change your model, I tell you what the best drone of 2015 and other models must not lose sight. The sector drones began as a small niche, but it is becoming increasingly competitive with large manufacturers like DJI or taking Parrot models year after year, and some other innovating with new functions. And now besides film or hang out, they have many more uses . Anyway, the ordinary user will end up finding a lot of models that vary greatly in size and price. And it is the cheapest start at € 50 (or even less for thumbnail) and go up from € 1000, and this focus on domestic drones.

best drone of 2015

Actually there is a drone that can satisfy everyone, as some just want to make some flights for entertainment while others want to burn bright montándoles GoPro HD videos and upload them to Youtube. I give my opinion of which I think the best in quality – price , but also options for those who need more specific uses. So … Let’s do this!

Drone Best Value 2015: Parrot Ar Drone 2.0 Elite (250 €)

Within the whole range of drones, the Ar Drone seems the most balanced , especially because it offers the most functionality of the more expensive models like the Phantom DJI (somewhat diminished, of course) but at a price that is still affordable. It is not just a toy … and it can fly up to 50 meters and 12 minutes, which in practice hardly exceeds 10, but that happens to everyone.

One of the things I like most is that is controlled directly from the mobile with a free app, which lets you see in real time what the drone is filming. The quality is quite acceptable with its 720p camera, and how it can also make some classic tricks like spins in the air very good effects are achieved.

Something very useful is that it is a drone with various accessories to improve . For example, € 99 can buy an accessory “Flight recorder” that lets you draw a path in the application for the drone go to the desired location and automatically returns. Another improvement is the 1500 mAh battery that has 18 minutes of battery life, for € 49. Come on, when you’ve gained experience you can improve the drone without spending a fortune.

Best drone to boot: Syma X5c / X8C (€ 50)

Syma models are very good at making the first weapons in the world of drones. The X5c is a good little drone with HD camera (not of great quality, but HD at last) and to control light. It can handle easily and reach a decent height to 50 meters. Yes, like other more expensive drones. The idea is to use it like flying not so high and if you can indoors, because, as with other small dornes, can destabilize the wind. But ultimately you will be perfect for learning . If you’re more demanding, Syma also has another model, the X8C, which is standard size, with more autonomy and better control to fly it outdoors.

For those who want the best: DJI Phantom 3 (€ 1200)

The world of drones so, you get quality according to what you pay for, and the Phantom 3 is not only the most expensive is the best . Excellent films with a 1080p (or 4K in its most expensive version) camera, you can make flights up to 2 KM , and can clearly see what the drone sees embedding a tablet or mobile command. Everything is controlled easily from your app to Android and IOS.

With the GPS you can know where the drone is at all times, and return it only if it gets really difficult to handle. You can fly for about 23 minutes , well over the average of 10 minutes most of the drones. But it’s not just these characteristics that the Phantom, and that its build quality and response controls are much more premium than an economic one drone. A pity that the price exceeds € 1200. Well, the best is always expensive.

Other drones that can serve you

Beyond the drones I mentioned above, there are others who may be particularly useful. First, for those with GoPro and want to take advantage, the CX20 Cheerson by € 389 can couple it one GoPro camera usually give better results than integrated cameras. Another interesting model, the Parrot Bebop that is below the € 500. It is a compromise between the Ar Drone I chose as a favorite and the Phantom. The advantages of this Bebop? It has a Full HD camera and built-in GPS to plot flight paths. He stays away from the Phantom because the range is only 11 minutes flight distance not exceeding 250m. I hope with this have covered most of the needs of those seeking a drone. And in your case … Do you have a favorite drone? Any thoughts of you recommend? We’d love to read your comments!