Building a blog is a great initiative. Therefore, it is only fair that you will get foolproof guidelines on how to find the best web hosting for blogging. Regardless of the kind of topic that you are going to focus on, there are two things you will need: hosting and a domain.

For beginners, this venture may be a hard one. You have no idea about what you need, because almost all offered services appear the same. You do not even know the names of the companies.

Do not worry. This article is going to guide you along the right path in finding the best host for your blog.

For experienced folks, do not be too comfortable. This post may just prove to you that you have been doing everything in the wrong manner.

Why is a Great Hosting Vital?

If you are starting out, you will probably part with a few bucks for several upfront expenses. There is one important area where you will need to pump in even more cash: hosting.

Hosting is like a foundation. If it goes down, you entire will business collapses. If it is slower than average, visitors will go somewhere else. Moreover, if it does not come with the features you desire, you will never be satisfied.

Owing to all these reasons, it is worth noting that rushing everything is not an option you should consider. Try spending more time in deciding what you really want.

If you still do not have enough money, shared hosting plans will work just fine.

What You Should Never Overlook

So you have now learnt that hosting is very crucial. Apart from hosting, what is the other important thing you should never overlook? WordPress!

If you are not experienced in online matters, “WordPress “is a word you should try to understand.

It is a blog management platform that has simplified the process of building and managing a website. It has good looking templates and themes, plugins you can use to do anything you wish, and an excellent support team.

If you have not tried out WordPress by now, I am sorry to say that you have been missing out on a great deal.

You will never regret starting whatever you are doing on WordPress.

What is even easier and interesting is that web hosting companies have a one click WordPress install.

Finding the Best Web Hosting Company for Your Blog

Since there are several factors you have to consider, it is very easy to get confused. That is why we have to simplify this as much as possible.

Something that has already been said, and that is worth repeating, is that most web hosts will have somewhat similar features, especially at a lower level.

You are likely to adopt the cheapest option. This may be because you are somehow ignorant or you do not just have the money. If this is really your choice, Fat Cow is a good option for you. Although it may not be the best, their customer support is fabulous and their prices are reasonable.

There are different hosting plans you can go for, namely:

Free Hosting

I will not advise you to go for this option. Most of the host providers who offer these give zero flexibility making it very difficult to run your blog.

Shared Hosting

This is suitable for those who are just starting out, and still have little traffic. Adopting this plan means your site will be hosted on the same server as hundreds of other sites. Though cheap, this plan may be slow, and security is not that tight.

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting plan is great since you use an entire server alone. Although expensive, it is fast.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

This plan lies between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is slightly more expensive than shared hosting.

In this plan, you are allocated a smaller server that exists within a larger server.

With VPS hosting, slowness and viruses are minimized. It is suitable for folks who want reliability and speed.

Apart from Fat Cow, other web hosting companies that will never disappoint you include: WP Engine, Dreamhost, Linode, Hostgator, and Bluehost. The list is long. You can add some hosting providers to this list after gaining a bit of experience.

You are now supercharged with information. Go out there and get the best web hosting for blogging.

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