Making the effort to review laptops might be time well spent especially when wanting accomplish the best working laptop for all your specific needs.  Most modern laptops come with a built-in computer mouse touchpad. If you tried to use the touch screen and the mouse pointer on the screen does not respond, it is likely that you or someone else has accidentally turned off the touch screen with one of the function keys on the computer. To fix an unresponsive touchpad on laptop, re-activate it by pressing the function key . This process is different for each manufacturer.



Locate the “Fn” key in the lower right or left corner keyboard laptop. The “Fn” key usually has a different colored text on it or the same key is a different color.

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Search function keys (F1 to F12) at the top of the keyboard that enables or disables the touchpad of the laptop. Key is to have an icon that resembles a touchpad or a finger touching a touchpad with a diagonal line through it.

Press the “Fn” key simultaneously touch function keys to reactivate the touchpad of the laptop. Move your finger across the touchpad to check it out. Click the combination at any time to disable the touchpad again.


Tips and Warnings

Some computers have a colored light in the upper left or right corner of the touch screen. Double click the light on the touch screen with your finger to re-enable the touchpad. If you’re not sure which function key that turns the touchpad, try each one and try to use it after each.


*Computers Mac use “F2” to enable and disable the touchpad.

*Computers Acer used “F7” to activate and deactivate the touchpad.

*Computers Toshiba use “F9” to activate and deactivate the touchpad.

*Computers Asus use “F3” or “F7” to activate and deactivate the touchpad.

*Computers Dell used “F7” to activate and deactivate the touchpad.