It’s time to see if the Galaxy Note 4 lives up to its reputation as one of the best Smartphones of 2014. Therefore, instead of making a normal review as we did before, we decided to comment that seems the best and the worst it offers. Yes, straight to the point. We started!

Best of Galaxy Note 4

Great manufacturing quality:

In principle we love metal edges on the side, give elegance and premium mobile sensation. Also its back cover that despite being plastic gives a feeling of skin, and does not slip. Besides these two things, making phone in general is excellent, comfortable and pleasing to the hand buttons. Samsung is far surpassed in this respect.

galaxy note 4

Removable battery:

The housing can be opened for easy access to the battery. Importantly, if the user becomes more scarce and want to change it. Also near the battery has Micro SD memory slot.

Many extra features:

The Note 4 has several additional features from any Smartphone that are useful functions. Is the “infrared sensor” which allows us to use the phone as if it were a remote to control your TV, or even some air conditioners. There is also a “fingerprint sensor” in the style of the iPhone, to unlock the phone. Another plus is that, as its name suggests measures heart rate but also allows for example to make selfish clicking the “heartbeat sensor”.

Excellent performance:

It is a mobile agile, works very fast, so the interface such as with games. We were pleasantly surprised its high speed WI-Fi, since in our office with free 200 MB, mobiles usually reach 40 MB, while the Note 4 reached 80 MB, a record for us.

Fast charging modes:

The mobile has a special fast charge mode, with the original charger can charge 50% of the battery in just 30 minutes. There is also the “Ultra power saving mode” (“Ultra energy savings”), which puts the phone with the minimum functions and display in black and white. Everything for not turn off and to continue making calls.

S-Pen stylus:

The S-Pen is ideal for full functionality of Note 4. Plug We make it easy to remove (something, believe me, very important) and has more sensitivity. Have different levels of pressure, detects when you put the pencil a little sideways and spinning. But is it good for? As for drawing, writing and that the system will recognize the letter and select parts of the screen. So I tried it, doing very well.


Note Screen 4 is great. Know therefore be 2K (what we’ll talk), but for its excellent brightness makes it work well in the sun, the pure white (not blue) and the colors are more real, not as saturated as in the rest Super Amoled the screens. We think one of the best on the market, beating the iPhone 6.


One of the best on the market. The Note is always characterized by having a good camera but not the best. Well, this mobile change that with its 16 MP sensor and optical image stabilizer, which helps to take better pictures when you cannot leave the phone perfectly still (come on, forever).