Biotechnology medical uses is gaining an increasing role in modern medicine and has made possible the safe production of more and more drugs and services. Biotechnology is especially helpful in fighting cancer. Let’s learn some new thing about the promising medical biotechnology definition.

Medical biotechnology definition is the technology of biological processes using organisms (or parts of their treatment), for the manufacture or production of useful substances, to provide services for the benefit of man.

biotechnology medical uses

The conditions of life sciences and biotechnology is relatively recent. Today biotechnology utilizes the latest achievements of molecular biology and uses a variety of techniques, which include genetic engineering (recombinant DNA), tissue engineering methods and cell cultures on a large scale, PCR etc. and are generally considered among the most promising technologies of today and the next few years. In the health sector, biotechnology has already made it possible to secure production of more and more drugs and medical services. In this context, the investigation of such stem cells opens the way for the tissue homogenizer/tissue homogenization and organs to treat degenerative diseases, disease Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, etc. Furthermore, it opens new avenues for improving the quality of life based on innovative medical applications.

The medicine is at the heart of biotechnological developments. Some of the areas of research and applications are:

1. The production of products such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biological and chemical reagents.

2. The construction of artificial tissues and organs.

3. The genetic modification of animals in order to transform their immune system so that their organs be suitable for transplantation in humans.

4. The study of aging phenomena and research to create tissues from pluripotent stem cells.

5. Advances in preimplantation diagnosis.

6. The gene therapy of genetic diseases.

7. The promotion of research through the creation of transgenic animals, etc.

Cancer is a multifactorial disease resulting in several factors are responsible for the appearance. These agents are either environmental or dietary or lifestyle habits, which in combination with genetic disorders contribute to cancer.

Prevention is the most effective way to address the threat of disease. Biotechnology is spearheading the effort. Mutations in BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 is responsible for hereditary breast cancer and can be detected. Similarly the ACP gene for colon cancer.

Very great is the contribution of biotechnology to early and specific diagnosis, such as positron tomography (PET SCAN) to display, The use of monoclonal antibodies in immunohistochemistry etc. Also, the detection of substances in the blood that aid not only in diagnosis, but also in monitoring of patients with cancer.

The first and the biggest jump in biotechnology is insulin, interferons and growth hormones. Diabetes is a disease characterized by a lack of insulin and the reduction is estimated that over 60 million people in the world suffering from diabetes. Insulin is used to treat the diabetic person.

Of course, the application of life sciences and biotechnology raises ethical questions, such as the definition and nature of man, the use and control of genetic information, etc. These questions are in constant consultation between the scientific world and the authorities.

These were some of the medical uses of biotechnology. Biotechnology is now a valuable ally in the battle against physician various diseases, especially cancer. And expected future more promising.

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