Installing Bluetooth on an Acer laptop can really broaden their capabilities, making it easier for you to get your computer to connect online and network with other electronic devices. This network tool adds to the advantages of simplicity they contribute to our daily lives. This installation is quite simple since it requires only download the specific driver for your Acer device. The driver is the software that installs the Bluetooth device on your computer. To install, simply add the device software to your laptop.

bluetooth device




Open your Internet browser. In the address bar at the top of your browser, type “support.acer ” to go directly to the site of Acer software to locate the application software compatible with your laptop model. You will be prompted to enter your country on the map image on the screen. Click on your country to appear as a link.


Click the “Drivers & Downloads” (drivers and downloads) on the left panel of the screen. The driver is a software application that activates its functional capabilities on your operating system. You must download the device driver to install the function and apply it to your hard drive. In the “Drivers & Downloads” page, select “Notebooks” in the first drop down box. A list of names will appear notebook model. Choose the name of your Acer computer model and click “Search”. The next page shows the results of the drivers and software downloads that are compatible with your computer.




Scroll through the list and click on the download feature Bluetooth. It should be called “Bluetooth Driver and Application”. Read the list of operating systems under each version to make sure you apply the correct for your system. Click on “Download File” below the operating system to begin the installation. The downloaded file will appear on your screen.



Click “Save” (save) to start the download option. Save the file to the default folder that the operating system provides. When the download is complete, go to the file location. Right click on the file to view additional options for the file. Scroll through the menu and click on “Extract All” (extract all). Removing the link will reveal application settings and the icon. Click the icon to start the download process. Will begin immediately and once completed, another screen appears.



Click “OK” and another screen will appear automatically. You will be asked to read and accept the terms of the license agreement. Click “OK” (I agree) to continue. The last part of the download will appear in the installation wizard (Install Shield Wizard). The installation wizard will inform you that the download completed successfully. Click “Finish” to close the application.