Bluetooth headsets are commonly used in the domains of communication by phone “hands-free”, but you can also use Bluetooth headsets to chat wirelessly on your computer. So you’re playing, or using Internet services such as Skype voice, use a Bluetooth headset on your computer is a relatively easy process that allows you to enjoy online conversations without the hassles of cables.

Bluetooth headsets


Find out if your computer is compatible with Bluetooth devices. Open the Control Panel on your computer and looking for a Bluetooth icon. If the icon appears among the options, then your computer is ready. However, if the icon is not displayed, you have to get an adapter.

Install a Bluetooth adapter if your computer does not have one already enabled. Bluetooth adapters are relatively easy to find and are usually connected to your computer via USB. You need to install some drivers and an application, which must be included with the adapter.
Enables searching for Bluetooth devices on your computer. Double-click on the application icon on your computer’s Bluetooth. This application is usually found in the Control Panel if your computer has integrated Bluetooth, or the program folder if you are using an adapter. Now you will see the option “search for devices”, you double click on the option to enable search on your computer.

Activate your Bluetooth headset. In most headphones, you can do so by pressing the “on” twice. However, if you count with a specialized model, you should consult the user manual.

Link your handset with your computer. Once your computer has not located the Bluetooth headset, you’ll see a text box asking if you want to create a link between the computer and the receiver. Press the button “OK” to confirm the connection.

Test your connection. The best way to do this is by opening any audio recording program (such as Windows Sound Recorder) and talking on the handset. If the connection is successful, you will see it reflected in the score display. However, if it has not been successful, the display will remain flat.