Connect a wireless headset to your TV will give you the freedom to watch your favorite shows and movies without waking up to those who are sleeping. There are many models of these devices that are designed for use with televisions, including those that use Bluetooth technology. Each different model may have slightly different connection requirements. The same applies to the type of TV . However, most of the wireless headset can be connected to a television using the same basic installation steps.

wireless headset with bluetooth technology


Charges batteries from your wireless headphones. They probably have their own battery pack. Make sure that these tools are fully charged before use.

Plug in your wireless transmitter to a power source. Connect the audio cable to your TV . The connector required will vary depending on the model of the headphones and the TV. Many of these devices require that the connection is made ‚Äč‚Äčeither in the digital audio out or the traditional audio. Some newer types may include a separate headphone output only. If you’re not sure which input you have to connect, see the User Manual of your TV .
Turn on your headphones and televisions . The TV audio to be transmitted to the receivers.