When you want to upgrade your computer has arrived. You can upgrade your equipment, depending on their age, without buying a new PC. Instead, buy a new motherboard. Read this text to learn more.


Determine what your computer can handle. Some teams are not very large, making it necessary to get a smaller motherboard. There are 4 sizes that can be purchased, and these classifications and dimensions according to Microsoft : ATX, 30.5 cm by 24.4 cm; microATX, 24.4 cm by 24.4 cm; FlexATX, 22.9 mm by 19.1 cm; and Mini-ITX, 17 cm by 17 cm. The microATX motherboard can fit in most computers and even replace FlexATX full size cards.

buy a new motherboard

Replace the power supply if your computer is older Pentium-386 or 486 – to the terminals of the power supply match the new motherboard. You can decide to buy a new computer instead.
Decide what you need your computer to do. Want a striking machine, or one that works well for you for years before you have to consider a new update? Choose a manufacturer over another? The two biggest names in motherboards are Intel Pentium 4 and AMD AthlonXP. Need a lot of PCI slots? USB? Need? What about AGP? Become familiar with the various aspects of computer design before buying a motherboard.

Buy a new CPU that fits the slot on the motherboard. Buying a CPU and motherboard from the same manufacturer is often the best option.

Acquires a memory that is compatible with your CPU and motherboard. Be sure to buy enough memory to handle what you ask your computer. As Charlie Russell wrote of Microsoft , “as much memory as you purchase it you can afford.” Consider making the vendor install the memory for you and have the motherboard, and CPU and memory are tested together to ensure that work well together.

Buy your motherboard, either local computer stores or online. Online you can be less expensive, but you can lose the option to ask a sales representative advice.