In Chile it is estimated that nearly 75% of Internet connections are made ​​via mobile devices. It is among the new generations telephone calls and hardly exist and most connect through different instant messaging as’ Whats App’, not to mention going somewhere or get together with friends without leaving a memory in’ Instagram ‘is almost impossible. Lets discuss about How can optimize battery cell.

And although the decline in the value of the devices and Internet plans encourages higher this number, the short battery life is a problem that everyone must deal with. The Director of Civil Engineering Informatics University San Sebastián , Dagmar Pearce explains that “today’s batteries have no memory effect that had batteries before, so it is imperative to good use these devices.” And to achieve the expert provides the following tips:

battery cell

1. Use the applications you really need:

Many users make the mistake of lowering many applications that look attractive at first but later not used. Some of them are operating not only taking up space on the phone’s capability, but also generating unnecessary battery drain.

2. GPS and Bluetooth switch permanently:

These functions are usually quickly deplete your battery charge, so it is preferable to turn them off when not performing an activity that requires.

3. Give good use battery:

The devices now have lithium batteries between one and two thousand amperes generally, so they are able to complete his load in half an hour or 45 minutes. For this reason it is very important to plug the device only when you downloaded almost completely, and unplug just 100% capacity is complete. The most common user error is to leave the phone plugged in all night, that only deteriorates the life of the battery may suffer a damaging overload affecting the security of the user device and transports it or leave it charging about him. Moreover, it is not convenient to talk to the connected device, depending on the use will heat by electric flow and load consumption when used simultaneously.

4. Do not expose battery to excessive heat, cold or dirt:

This type of external agents can influence the performance of the battery, especially moisture for devices not manufactured for adverse conditions and even affect their ability to function and operability.

5. Use the phone’s optimization tools:

Most operating systems provide tools smartphones battery optimization, which suggests certain actions that allow extend the duration. You can also use an appropriate use of screen brightness, identify the real need for background images, sounds, typing, etc.