Can you see if they are spying on you on Instagram? Yes, with these tricks

Know if they spy on you through social networks, as is the case of instagram, it is not always simple. However, you can take into account some tricks to find out or, at least, get an idea. We are going to explain to you what you should do. They are simple steps that you can take at any time and can be useful for you to have more information about what they may be seeing about you when using this platform.

Through the social networks, we can share information of all kinds. We can show personal data, activities that we carry out on a daily basis or simply that they can see the contact list. Therefore, they could be spying on us through different means and it is worth checking if this happens.

Check if they spy on you on Instagram

They could spy on you simply by seeing what you share, but they could also access your account if you are careless. You can analyze both cases and see whether or not they are really getting information from your account or what you share through Instagram. You can always take measures to prevent this from happening.

See who watches your stories

One of the first options you have to see if someone is spying on what you do on Instagram is to see who watches your stories. You can't know who enters your profile, sees your contacts or even the photos you upload, but you can know who sees the stories. In that case, there does remain a record, at least for a while.

For example, if you saw that someone you don't have as a contact comes to see your stories, it could mean that they are spying on you. It is a simple method that can sometimes be useful to obtain this information when using Instagram.

Check likes and comments

You could also review the likes and comments that you can have in the content you upload. For example, if you have uploaded a photo, you could have likes from that person who you suspect is on your profile, even if they do not follow you or have left a comment. All of this will be reflected, even publicly.

Now this is too obvious a sign. If someone wanted to spy on you through Instagram and leave no trace, the most normal thing is that they would not give any likes or comment, unless they did so by mistake.

Avoid being spied on when using Instagram

Check for strange followers

Another way to spy on you is to simply follow you on Instagram. If you have a private account, so that only your contacts can see what you share, one option is to add you with another account. They could create a Fake profile and in this way you can see your stories, the photos you upload, the comments, etc.

A good method is to see if you have followers who barely have any added contacts or even no photos. They may think of a strange, random name. These could be signs that they could be spying on you through a fake profile. They could always create an anonymous social media profile.

View your account activity

On the other hand, they could spy on you if they enter your account without your permission. They can achieve this due to your carelessness, having stolen the password, etc. What you can do is go to Settings, Your activity and there you will find options such as the interactions that have been made from your account, the time you have spent within the social network, etc. As soon as you detect something strange, it could mean that someone has broken in.

To prevent this from happening, it is essential to properly protect your account. To do this, you can have a good password. You could also enable two-step authentication, which allows you to create an extra security barrier and prevent a potential intruder from gaining entry without your permission.

In short, by following these steps that we have shown you could see if someone is spying on you through Instagram. You can take certain measures to increase privacy and prevent them from seeing everything you do.

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