Can your cell phone hear everything you talk every day? Yes and this is what you should do to avoid it

Cybercriminals have a wide variety of strategies at their disposal. They can launch Phishing campaigns, sneak malware through fake applications or cause you to install a fraudulent update. It is in your power to avoid all this and ensure that privacy and security are present.

How can they hear everything you say

Mainly, they could hear everything you say through spyware. They could sneak you malware, a fake program, with the ability to record sound and send it to the cybercriminal. This could happen without you realizing it, so they could be spying on you continuously.

This can be achieved if you install a malicious application, which will ask for permissions to access the microphone. If you grant those permissions, then they could have full ability to listen to you. It is similar to when a malicious program can ask for permissions to access the camera.

They could also take advantage of some security vulnerability that is on your device. In this way, they could have access to it, change the settings, install some spyware, etc. It is another option that they will have to compromise your privacy and start recording everything you do or, in this case, everything you say.

Additionally, this problem could arise if you install an update illegitimately. This is, once again, fake software that will try to make it look official. This will allow cybercriminals to have access to the device and gain the ability to install or uninstall applications.

Avoid spyware on your mobile

What to do to avoid it

But what can you do to protect yourself and avoid problems? Without a doubt, the main thing is not make mistakes. It is very important to install applications only from official, legitimate and safe sources. If you don't, it is one of the options that cybercriminals will have to scam you and listen to what you say.

It is also essential that you have a good security program. Having an antivirus can help you detect malware that could be spying on you. Of course, we recommend that you carefully review what software you are installing and make sure that it is guaranteed and that it will be able to help you protect your equipment.

On the other hand, having the latest versions of the mobile operating system, as well as any application you use, will save you from many problems. This will allow you to correct security flaws that they will use against you, to be able to sneak in some malicious software and start listening to everything you say.

As you can see, it is essential to protect the device and not make mistakes so that they do not spy on you through the mobile microphone. Do not install applications from suspicious sources and carefully review the permissions you grant. Taking action if your mobile is hacked is essential.

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