Imagine the scene: someone calls your cell phone just when you can not answer and does not leave you a message. When you see the missed call on your phone, make a mental reminder to call you back, but you do not. The next day you realize you never returned the call but can not remember who called you or your phone number. If you check the call history of your cell phone, you can easily find this information.


Getting call history on a cell phone

1. Open the menu of your phone. Generally, you can access it by pressing the “OK” or “Menu” button (usually located in the center of your cell phone on the numbers). In some cell phones can access the menu from the main screen by selecting one of the buttons located directly below the screen and the word “Menu”.

cell phone call history

2. Scroll through the menu using the buttons left / right or up / down to find the selection called “History.” Sometimes, there may be only symbols. In that case, select the image showing a cell phone and two arrows pointing in opposite directions, indicating incoming and outgoing calls.

3. Remember who you called, what day and approximately what time of day you received the call. When you select a number and pressures the “OK” button, the date and time of the call on your cell phone screen appears.

4. Press the call button (usually indicated with the word “Talk” or “Submit” or an image of a green phone) to call the selected phone.

How to get the call history of a cell phone by the service provider

1. Get a copy of your cell phone bill. Whether you receive a paper copy or via your online account, some bills have a list of calls received and made during the previous month.

2. Locate the call log on the bill home phone number.

3. Searching for incoming and outgoing calls. Calls listed on the invoice are sorted by date and time, so you can easily find a phone number. The invoice also shows a list of numbers as incoming and outgoing calls. If you are looking for a particular number and do not know the day, you need to search this list to find it.

Tips and Warnings

Many cell phones only retain call history for 24 or 48 hours. If you need to find an incoming / outgoing call from a more distant future will need to have access to the statement.