The GPS unit included in modern cell phones use satellites geosynchronous orbit to provide precise locations. Ordinarily, people use this to get directions step by step directions to a place or know where they are. Cell phones with GPS can also be used to locate someone if you have the right information. Here you can see how to locate someone using GPS cell phone.

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Make sure the person has a cell phone with GPS enabled. Older phones can be tracked by other methods, but is more difficult and less reliable than methods based on GPS. Some cell phone companies are providing access to this service and it can offer the next time you purchase a cell phone.

This site allows you to locate the phone of a teenager and even monitor how fast you are driving. You’ll need to install the software on your phone Accu Tracking before the site can provide you this information. From the phone you want to go, download the software from the website Accu Tracking. From there, you can log in and view the personal information of the location of the phone up to more than 90 feet away.

Contact the authorities. In an emergency, the police and other agencies can triangulate the position of a person based on where they locate their phone. The phones are in constant contact with phone towers and logs that are kept. Official agencies can help overcome the limitations necessary.

Use a site like Mologo go to find your friends. The Java application helps you stay in touch publishing to localization in real time so you know the look. Just enter and see who is online and where you currently stand. The map you see after logging lets you easily get directions to find the person you’re looking for.

It employs a service like Mapquest Find Me. For a small fee every month, you can use your cell phone to look people directly. Imagine you’re walking down the street and you wonder where is Bob. After starting the application, you will be able to see a point representing Bob and making sure you get there.