The typography Whatsapp messages could not be changed until now! This popular instant messaging app has launched a new feature that allows you to modify the source of the messages, something totally new and innovative. Until now, if you wanted to change the letter you had to go to the settings of the phone to change from there typography you will look on the screen but, of course, this is not only affected Whatsapp but also all other applications you had installed. Nowadays whatsapp has been good communication system in social network.

Changing the font in Whatsapp

However, now yes we can change the typeface of our messages and this article we will tell you how will change the font in Whastapp giving you the trick that will help you get it. To change the font on Whatsapp only has to open the application and go to any of the messages that we open. Enter one of them and when you put writing your message, put three serious or back ticks ( `) at the beginning of the text and close it with three other grave accents at the end (`).

Especially worth mentioning that for this update to work on your device you will need to have downloaded the latest version of Whatsapp because otherwise you would have installed the system would not recognize this code. So, if you want to change the font of Whatsapp go to Google Play or App Store to download the latest version of the application and thus to try these new features. In addition to this change now in this application also you can change the letter formats and, for example, put bold, italics or strikethrough in Whatsapp.

It is a new feature that allows us to highlight some messages we send and use a tighter and custom textual format. As was the case with the change typography letter, to make these changes we will have to enter the body of a conversation and get to write a message. Both the start and end of add different elements that encode the text and show different as we give “Send”.

Send a message in italics

If we want to quote something or simply use a cursive then our message must be accompanied by an underscore (_) in both the initial part of the final text. An example would be if we want to cross out a word or phrase in this app only we have to accompany the tildes (~) at the beginning and at the end of the message. Example: We emphasize that for all these new features see the application on your mobile device or your friend, it is imperative that the two may have the new updated version. If you want to change the font size, we recommend you read this other article that tells you how to change the font size WhatsApp on iPhone.