Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of products of information technology, including software and hardware. Network devices, computers desktop and laptops are the most important hardware devices in which HP specializes. Most HP laptops are equipped with a touch panel that allows users to control and operate the computer in the same way as the mouse. Synaptics touchpad software controls the configuration of the touch screen. Settings can be changed and modified according to user needs.

laptop touchpad settings


1. Place your mouse cursor anywhere on the desktop. Click the right mouse button and select “Personalize” (Custom) and click on “Mouse Pointers” (mouse pointers). The Mouse Properties window appears.

2. Check that there is a tab “Device Settings” (Device Settings) in the “Mouse Properties” window (Mouse Properties). If the tab is not present, check the link drivers and software from HP found in the Resources section of this section and download and install the driver “Synaptics Touchpad” (Synaptics Touch Panel)

3. Click on the “Device Settings” (Device Settings) tab in the “Mouse Properties” window (Mouse Properties).

4. Select “Synaptics Touchpad” (Synaptics Touch Panel) in “Devices” (devices) and click on “Settings” (Settings).

5. Select the desired configuration you want to modify in “Select a Item” (Select an Item) in the properties of “Synaptics Clickpad” (Panel Click Synaptics). The settings you can change are the displacement, pointing, buttons, touch and gestures of the application.

6. Click ‘Apply’ (Apply) and then “OK” (OK) to make the desired changes.