It is normal to see some series or movies on Netflix that we do not want others to see especially if we share our account or devices from home with family or friends. So to do a good cleaning of the history of our account is the key to avoid it. Although at the beginning, it was not possible to do so, since long ago you can delete the content that we have saved after having seen some documentaries, chapters or movies.

How to clear Netflix history

To start deleting your history you must log in to the user profile that you want to modify but do it from your computer since for the mobile application the option to delete series or movies is not yet available. Therefore, enter from the browser of your computer or tablet to the Netflix website and log in to the account where you are going to edit the content.

When you are inside and you need to select the icon of your user, profile that appears at the top right of your screen and click on the option your account. Another page where you will see the section will then open My Profile. In the My Profile section, you are where you can set things like language, reproduction, the appearance of subtitles and other options.

Here you will find at the bottom right of the option of viewing activity click on it to get to the content you want to delete the account. Upon entering this option, the screen will open and you will be asked for a list of series, films and documentaries you have seen.

The order is the most recent to the oldest. Notes next to each title, on the right side with the option Report problem, there is a cross that indicates the option to delete. Click on the X title you want to edit to remove it. This way you can remove one by one the titles you do not want anyone to see or you can clean the whole history.

When you click on the option to delete the title marked by an X, you can choose to delete the entire series or movie or how many times this has been played, give the option to remove the series or remove all of your history. Then you notice that it connects you to the title you have deleted is deleted from your viewing activity from all your devices in 24h, so that this film or series away completely from all devices you use must wait until one day.

Thus, Netflix will no longer suggest films series and documentaries related titles you finish to remove from your account history and neither will be in the Recently Viewed options or continue watching. In addition, one way to prevent others from seeing some things that you have recently viewed is that from the Manage Profile feature, you edit the Recently Viewed list to have it separated from the lists that others have on this account.